Thursday Thoughts: Wobbegong (A Mara Prose Poem)

Picture courtesy of Tokyo Ghoul Wiki – Fandom

You are motionless in your emotions
You give no chase, you only entice
Your duality camouflages who you really are
You prey on the weak and diminish the strong
Your attack is not expected, your victim is left severely wounded
And although you are slow to pounce
You can devour a soul in a fraction of a second
Your third eye is not wisdom, it is deceit
You are a bottom dwelling succubus
Your bite is often unprovoked
Your ambush is renowned and your victims are many
You will suck your lover’s heart dry and go on to the next
The lover will be left exhausted, jaded and in extreme pain
Oh Wobbegong, why do you feed on the weak and strong alike?
Mend your heart, nourish your soul, find a true passion
You feel empty because you are empty
Your sole purpose is to consume but you are never fulfilled
Oh Wobbegong, sorry to say you will never rise to the top
Your place is designated to the bottom
You cannot ride the backs of others
So go back to your corner and hide
Because Wobbegong, you are nothing but a bottom
dwelling leech waiting for your next casualty

wobbegong shark

~ Author Mara Prose

Thursday Thoughts: I can’t, I don’t, I won’t (A Mara Prose Poem)…

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I could heal you, but I won’t
I could fight for you, but I don’t
I could make you love me, but I can’t
Mostly because it’s unnecessary work, so save your rants

Your insecurities are not my responsibility
Your emotional baggage will not be my testimony
I don’t have time to force you to trust
It is just plain and simply a must

We’ve all been through ups and downs
It’s all about how you turn it around
Stop being afraid to open your heart
Just find someone that sets themselves apart

I hear that you don’t want to be hurt
But it’s not really something you can avert
Stop punishing the world for the jerks
Just be cautious and find the one that works

I can’t fix you if you are broken
I don’t need to mend you if you are torn
If you need a savior, I won’t be the one
It is not my job to fix you, I will simply say I’m done

See me when you are whole
Hit me up when you are bold
Let me know when you are ready
And then maybe I can promise something steady
Until then I can’t, I don’t and I won’t

~ Mara Prose

Friday Frankness: When Someone Shows You Who They Are, PLEASE BELIEVE IT!



I cannot tell you how many people I have come across who always ignore the signs of someone’s true nature.  Then they have the audacity to be shocked when things blow up, all because they never accepted who that person really was to begin with.

Why do we think we can change people?  Why do we try to bend people to our will?  It is a very selfish mentality that often results in nothing but heartache, frustration and resentment.  There is a huge difference between expecting someone to compromise out of love and expecting that person to compromise who they are, what they stand for and where they want to be in life just to please you.

I have been on the receiving end of this selfish behavior in the past, present and probably will be again in the future.  I decided recently to always reveal my truth, explain who I am and what you can expect from me.  Do you know I still encountered someone who felt they could change me into the person they wanted me to be to serve the deficiencies in their own pathetic life?

Folks, this is not how the hell it works, ok?  You are responsible for addressing and healing from your past, your hurts, your disappointments and any other crap that life has thrown your way.  It is not someone else’s job to come in and save you from yourself.  Self sufficiency is key!!  When in a relationship, it is not two halves make a whole.  Stop believing in that nonsense.  It is two wholes make a union!  That applies to any relationship for that matter – family, friends, husbands and wives etc.

I am sick and tired of broken people tearing and breaking down others.  I am sick of people trying to plot, scheme and exert ulterior motives in order to get someone to fill the void they need to address in their own lives.  I am especially sick of the fools who come into my life, take what I say with a grain of salt and then get their feelings hurt when they find out I was being completely transparent.

Please stop this stupidity!  I cannot tell you how freaking annoying, disgusting and utterly immature it really is.  Remember the infamous words of Maya Angelou – “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

~ Mara Prose

Thursday Motivation: Enjoy the Journey



Yesterday as I was heading home from work, it suddenly came to me to post the following on Facebook:

All I want to say to everyone is please just enjoy the journey! Stop overthinking, stop trying to label everything, stop trying to understand everything and just learn to coast! It will all come together eventually and even if it doesn’t, something else will come along to distract you and start a whole new journey ~ Author Mara Prose

There have been some things happening lately that are creating constant changes in my life.  I decided that I was not going to allow the instability to drive me crazy as I have in the past.  I realize I am in the process of a rapid evolution and I have to embrace the continuous need to re-shift, ride out the storms and celebrate this process of refinement.

All of us are going through one thing or another.  We tend to allow situations, people and circumstances to drag us down into despair, worry and fear.  That is why I posted the message above.  It is just life.  We can’t control or change the highs and lows of life.  So just ride out the waves and enjoy the journey.

~ Mara Prose

Dating Tales: Mr. Smelly


Well, today’s tale is certainly not a love story like Mr. Perfect.  My poor friend has had several bizarre dates and was happy to share with us.  Hopefully you will have a chuckle.  Enjoy!

Giselle was standing in the mirror, preparing for her umpteenth blind date.  She was praying this one would be different since she was becoming exasperated with the entire process.  Kerlin sounded really nice on the phone but she was wise enough to know by now that meant absolutely nothing.

Just as she was applying her lipstick, she heard a lot of racket right outside her bathroom window.  It sounded like a combination of fireworks, gun shots and some kind of screeching noise.  Giselle ran to the window just in time to see a raggedy Oldsmobile coming to a halt in front of her driveway.  The car was smoking, the doors were different colors and it looked like a new paint job was started but never finished. A sense of dread set in and Giselle knew this was not going to go well at all.

Her doorbell rang and she simply decided against the lipstick and tossed it in the sink as she walked to her door.  No use wasting good lipstick, right?  The little hope she had for this date was dashed when she opened the door for Kerlin.  Bless his heart.  The man had no sense of style and apparently had problems matching his clothes together.

His hair was many different lengths and Giselle couldn’t tell if they were braids, dreads or what his intentions were with his hair.  He had soccer socks on pulled up to his ashy knees.  He had purplish plaid shorts on with a bright orange button up dress shirt and was grinning from ear to ear.

Giselle just stood there for a moment, speechless while Kerlin repeatedly looked her up and down licking his lips and making obscene noises.  “Damn girl, I hit the jack pot!  You ready to roll?” he said.  Giselle tried to smile and slightly nodded her head and turned to lock her door.  Kerlin continued to comment about how lucky he was and Giselle just rolled her eyes.

As they walked to his car, Giselle stopped him and said ” Uh no, we will be taking my car.”  “Damn girl, I was hoping you would say that.  I always wanted to roll in a Mercedes.  I’ll drive.” he exclaimed.  “The hell you will, please proceed to the passenger seat” Giselle told him in a stern tone.  Kerlin laughed, shrugged his shoulders and got into her car.  Giselle really didn’t know why she was continuing with the date but she had nothing better to do anyway.

“Damn girl, I can’t wait for us to get to Galveston.  You gonna change into a bikini for daddy?” Kerlin said.  “Um no, change of plans.  We are going to the dollar movie.  Do you have a dollar?” Giselle tersely replied.  She would be damned if she went to the beach with this idiot.  “Uhh, I think so” he replied.  Seriously???  He didn’t know if he had a damn dollar?  Oh hell, this was getting worse and worse and worse.

It was at that moment, Giselle caught a whiff of something really foul smelling.  She waited for it to pass assuming they were just driving through a bad area but the smell continued to linger and grow stronger.  Giselle was starting to gag and rolled down her window.  “Sorry babe, I meant to tell you I have been having some gastro issues” Kerlin told her, and commenced to rolling down his window as well.

They drove the rest of the way in silence, windows down and music blasting so Giselle didn’t have to smell or talk to him.  Once they arrived at the movies, Giselle asked for two tickets to see a movie she had missed when it was in the regular theaters.  She waited patiently fully expecting Kerlin to at least pay for his portion but wanting him to pay the $2 dollars for both of them.  Kerlin just stood there, shrugged his shoulders and said “I’m good for it babe, I will give it back to you” i.e. his ass didn’t intend to pay for anything.

“Follow me sir” Giselle said in her business voice.  “Aww babe, don’t trip, I just left my wallet in my car.  Told you I’m good for it” he whined.  Giselle pulled out her phone, opened her Uber app and requested a pick up.  Thankfully, a car was only 3 minutes away.  While they waited and Kerlin continually inquired about what they were doing and why was she ‘trippin’, Giselle took out her headphones and started listening to Spotify.

A beautiful black Chevy Tahoe pulled up and Giselle breathed a sigh of relief.  She walked towards the car and motioned Kerlin to follow.  Once she confirmed that this was in fact her Uber request, she opened the door for Kerlin and told him to get in.  He was staring at her, speechless for once but still smelling atrocious.  He got in, she shut the door and she gave the driver her address.  With a big smile, she poked her head into the passenger window and told Kerlin “please have your smelly, raggedy ass gone by the time I get home or I will be calling the police” and walked away with a flip of her hair to see her movie.

~ Mara Prose

Gospel of Jesus is for all people


In the early 1970’s my mom was in a band and traveling all over the United States. The Jesus Movement was taking place and teenagers all over the United States were surrendering their lives to Jesus. My mom and her band traveled to a certain city in Alabama to play at a church. When they got there the church was thrilled to have them.  Until…. Until the church found out the drummer was African American. The church said “Your drummer is African American and will not be allowed into this church to play”.

My mom was appalled when she heard this. She had read in the Bible that the Gospel message of Jesus was for all people. She was not having any of that. She told the preacher if you don’t let our drummer in, we will go play on the street corner. Sadly, the preacher turned my mom’s band away. This did not stop my mom and the band from playing. They chose to play of the corner opposite of the church and the majority of the people joined her band instead of being in church that day.

While in college one day at a church service my roommate turned to me and said “Billy, I love you and I’m sorry”. I was like, “Sorry for what, bro? We just chilling in church right now listening to the Word.” He said “I was raised to hate white people and that see white people as the devil.” He went on to say he was upset when he had learned that he was to have a white roommate. But I treated him with such dignity that it convicted him. We hugged and wept together and to this day, we are brothers. It pains me to see that racism still exists in the church and in our culture.

In the Bible, in Acts 10, God gives the Apostle Peter (the leader of the early church) a vision.  At the time, despite the teachings of Jesus, all Peter can see was his Jewishness; his ethnicity and traditions. After the vision, when Peter shares the Gospel of Jesus with Cornelius (a Gentile, not a Jew), he begins to understand his vision from God. The Gospel is for all people. Peter must look beyond his politics, race, and traditions. In Acts 11 Peter will go and make a stand to the church leaders (all Jewish at that time) that the Gospel is for all people; who are they to come against God and His message?

Our culture is little different. There are African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians (White people), and Asians who, sadly, cannot see beyond their race. There are many who allow our politics, race, ideologies, and traditions to keep us from loving others and sharing the good news of Jesus to them.

The Bible gives no room to any race or group of people to be full of hate and racism, or to foment division. What we need right now is for people like Peter (of all races) to rise up, like my mom and like my roommate, and say “Enough”.  This is wrong and no matter the cost I will stand for Jesus, His love, and His Gospel message. We must grasp that God created all people in His image and loves all people.

Are we treating Police Officers as people created in the Image of God? Are we treating African American as people created in the Image of God? Are we allowing our race, politics, and ideologies to blind us, like so many before us. To the extent that we refuse to love others as ourselves?

Just like in the Book of Acts, God’s good news message of Jesus resulted in racial reconciliation. And when the Gospel does its work, we can see racial reconciliation in today’s culture as well. But it will mean counting the cost, sharing Jesus with everyone, and loving all people no matter what others of our own race say or tell us.

I leave you with this challenge, the same challenge I gave to the church I pastor:  Caucasians, intentionally go to African Americans and Hispanic people and get to know them. Get to know their story and see how you can love and serve them. I also challenge African Americans and Hispanics to hear Caucasians out. Hear why they believe what they believe and think the way they think. I also challenge every race to intentionally seek out police officers to pray for them, befriend them, get to know their story, serve them, and love them.

We have an opportunity to impact our nation in a positive way; I pray we do. Never forget the Gospel of Jesus is for all people and God loves all races. Therefore all people should, like God, love all races.

~ Billy Bernhard, Lead Pastor of Acts Community Church


Tuesday Thoughts: When the bough breaks…

I recently read in an article that the older you get, the less friends you will have.  In the past few days, two long term friendships have ended and there is no remorse.

Each one of those relationships had evolved into something unrecognizable.   Where there was once love, respect and mutual appreciation, it was replaced with distance, hostility and loss of support.  I have my suspicions of what really brought this on – jealousy, envy, personal problems – but I’m not going to give it any energy.

Today’s thoughts are about not feeling guilty when relationships have run their course.  I still have a hard time listening to that inner voice that tells me to let certain people go.   Just because someone calls you their best friend, doesn’t mean they are yours.

When a friendship appears to have run its course, let it go.  People evolve all the time and time waits for no one.  Arguments will happen, friendships will end but don’t you let it make you feel guilty.

My point is, value yourself.  Embrace your evolution and that it will not include some people.  And to the now ex-friend who told me I don’t know how to be a friend; no sweetheart, I just couldn’t meet your demands for the type of friendship you required.  And you know what, that’s ok because life goes on and there are some amazing people in my life and I meet new people everyday.

Tuesday Thought: Love yourself. Forgive your faults.  And don’t hesitate to clean your friendship house when you need to.

~ Mara Floyd