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Thursday Thoughts: Wobbegong (A Mara Prose Poem)

Picture courtesy of Tokyo Ghoul Wiki – Fandom You are motionless in your emotions You give no chase, you only entice Your duality camouflages who you really are You prey on the weak and diminish the strong Your attack is not expected, your victim is…

Dating Tales Wednesday: How to Get a GREAT Guy in 3 easy steps! by Andre Blaylock

FIRST: A undisputed fact… THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS. If you try to change anything in your life without first changing your thought process surrounding it, your brain will access the information it has previously accumulated, which is your past and current thought forms and experiences, and like a computer, it will…

Mara Prose Monday: The Timeshare Man by Andre Blaylock

Often times a highly-coveted piece of property is too expensive for the average single individual to acquire on their own. In many cases these properties are offered on timeshare. A timeshare is a ownership model where several people collectively own usage in the same property. Although most timeshare…

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