Thursday Thoughts: Wobbegong (A Mara Prose Poem)

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You are motionless in your emotions
You give no chase, you only entice
Your duality camouflages who you really are
You prey on the weak and diminish the strong
Your attack is not expected, your victim is left severely wounded
And although you are slow to pounce
You can devour a soul in a fraction of a second
Your third eye is not wisdom, it is deceit
You are a bottom dwelling succubus
Your bite is often unprovoked
Your ambush is renowned and your victims are many
You will suck your lover’s heart dry and go on to the next
The lover will be left exhausted, jaded and in extreme pain
Oh Wobbegong, why do you feed on the weak and strong alike?
Mend your heart, nourish your soul, find a true passion
You feel empty because you are empty
Your sole purpose is to consume but you are never fulfilled
Oh Wobbegong, sorry to say you will never rise to the top
Your place is designated to the bottom
You cannot ride the backs of others
So go back to your corner and hide
Because Wobbegong, you are nothing but a bottom
dwelling leech waiting for your next casualty

wobbegong shark

~ Author Mara Prose

Thursday Thoughts: I can’t, I don’t, I won’t (A Mara Prose Poem)…

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I could heal you, but I won’t
I could fight for you, but I don’t
I could make you love me, but I can’t
Mostly because it’s unnecessary work, so save your rants

Your insecurities are not my responsibility
Your emotional baggage will not be my testimony
I don’t have time to force you to trust
It is just plain and simply a must

We’ve all been through ups and downs
It’s all about how you turn it around
Stop being afraid to open your heart
Just find someone that sets themselves apart

I hear that you don’t want to be hurt
But it’s not really something you can avert
Stop punishing the world for the jerks
Just be cautious and find the one that works

I can’t fix you if you are broken
I don’t need to mend you if you are torn
If you need a savior, I won’t be the one
It is not my job to fix you, I will simply say I’m done

See me when you are whole
Hit me up when you are bold
Let me know when you are ready
And then maybe I can promise something steady
Until then I can’t, I don’t and I won’t

~ Mara Prose

Gospel of Jesus is for all people


In the early 1970’s my mom was in a band and traveling all over the United States. The Jesus Movement was taking place and teenagers all over the United States were surrendering their lives to Jesus. My mom and her band traveled to a certain city in Alabama to play at a church. When they got there the church was thrilled to have them.  Until…. Until the church found out the drummer was African American. The church said “Your drummer is African American and will not be allowed into this church to play”.

My mom was appalled when she heard this. She had read in the Bible that the Gospel message of Jesus was for all people. She was not having any of that. She told the preacher if you don’t let our drummer in, we will go play on the street corner. Sadly, the preacher turned my mom’s band away. This did not stop my mom and the band from playing. They chose to play of the corner opposite of the church and the majority of the people joined her band instead of being in church that day.

While in college one day at a church service my roommate turned to me and said “Billy, I love you and I’m sorry”. I was like, “Sorry for what, bro? We just chilling in church right now listening to the Word.” He said “I was raised to hate white people and that see white people as the devil.” He went on to say he was upset when he had learned that he was to have a white roommate. But I treated him with such dignity that it convicted him. We hugged and wept together and to this day, we are brothers. It pains me to see that racism still exists in the church and in our culture.

In the Bible, in Acts 10, God gives the Apostle Peter (the leader of the early church) a vision.  At the time, despite the teachings of Jesus, all Peter can see was his Jewishness; his ethnicity and traditions. After the vision, when Peter shares the Gospel of Jesus with Cornelius (a Gentile, not a Jew), he begins to understand his vision from God. The Gospel is for all people. Peter must look beyond his politics, race, and traditions. In Acts 11 Peter will go and make a stand to the church leaders (all Jewish at that time) that the Gospel is for all people; who are they to come against God and His message?

Our culture is little different. There are African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians (White people), and Asians who, sadly, cannot see beyond their race. There are many who allow our politics, race, ideologies, and traditions to keep us from loving others and sharing the good news of Jesus to them.

The Bible gives no room to any race or group of people to be full of hate and racism, or to foment division. What we need right now is for people like Peter (of all races) to rise up, like my mom and like my roommate, and say “Enough”.  This is wrong and no matter the cost I will stand for Jesus, His love, and His Gospel message. We must grasp that God created all people in His image and loves all people.

Are we treating Police Officers as people created in the Image of God? Are we treating African American as people created in the Image of God? Are we allowing our race, politics, and ideologies to blind us, like so many before us. To the extent that we refuse to love others as ourselves?

Just like in the Book of Acts, God’s good news message of Jesus resulted in racial reconciliation. And when the Gospel does its work, we can see racial reconciliation in today’s culture as well. But it will mean counting the cost, sharing Jesus with everyone, and loving all people no matter what others of our own race say or tell us.

I leave you with this challenge, the same challenge I gave to the church I pastor:  Caucasians, intentionally go to African Americans and Hispanic people and get to know them. Get to know their story and see how you can love and serve them. I also challenge African Americans and Hispanics to hear Caucasians out. Hear why they believe what they believe and think the way they think. I also challenge every race to intentionally seek out police officers to pray for them, befriend them, get to know their story, serve them, and love them.

We have an opportunity to impact our nation in a positive way; I pray we do. Never forget the Gospel of Jesus is for all people and God loves all races. Therefore all people should, like God, love all races.

~ Billy Bernhard, Lead Pastor of Acts Community Church


Friday Frankness: Role Playing…


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This week I found myself in a very heated discussion about the feminization of males.  It is equally disheartening that so many women support this backward mentality.  A friend of mine even told me she has a male relative who brags about having numerous women ‘taking care of’ things for him.

Since this is my day where I can be completely unfiltered and politically incorrect, let me just randomly throw out my thoughts via bullet points and you can take them however you want.

  • Men – don’t complain about not being able to find a woman to hold you down when a lot of you are out here playing games, acting stupid and finding it cute to be pussified.
  • Women – do not complain about a man being sorry when we are not setting the right tone that demands respect.
  • Men – stop wanting to lead when you offer nothing to follow.
  • Women – stop wanting equality to men in all matters.  We weren’t meant to do what men do all the time.  If we were, then there would be no need for special treatment when we enter these areas.
  • Men – by all means keep on laying down with dogs so you can get up with fleas; then expect women to provide the remedy.
  • Women – get rid of the stupid notion ‘Act like a lady but think like a man’.  You cannot do both.
  • Men – if a woman is working hard, don’t you dare try to simply piggyback off of her success.  Get out there and work just as hard, if not harder.
  • Women – don’t you dare allow a man to piggyback off of your success just to say you have a man.

I believe that we should partner and walk beside each other.  I definitely plan to write more about this subject from various perspectives but for now, I say we bring back a little old school to our relationships.

~ Mara Prose

#ThursdayMotivation: Take Your Power Back!

Take Your Power Back.jpg

Today I want my Prosers to reclaim power over any aspect  of their life that is causing strife, negativity and insecurity.  Stop allowing others to abuse and misuse you.  Stop giving energy to circumstances that should have no real bearing on the goals, aspirations and dreams you want to achieve.  Each one of us has the ability to put a stop to whatever is no longer serving the greater good in our lives.  So do it today, RECLAIM YOUR POWER!

~ Mara Prose

Dating Tales: Mr. Better Not


I am so happy my friend dodged a bullet with this one.  He truly sounds like he was psychotic!  Be careful ladies and pay attention to the early signs of instability!

Darya was enjoying being single and carefree!  After losing her husband in a tragic accident and mourning the loss of him for so many years, acceptance had finally come and she was ready to live again.

Being out of the dating scene for so long and a true introvert at heart, she knew that online dating was going to be her best shot at finding a new companion.  There were so many to choose from, that it overwhelmed Darya at first.  But, she decided to research and see which one would truly fit her needs.

She selected one of the top rated apps that was touted as being one of the most economical and user friendly apps on the market. After only a couple of hours, she started to receive several winks and messages.  She was elated, flattered and truth be told, a little afraid.

Jim’s profile immediately captured her attention.  He said he was laid back, a lover of life and really wanted someone he could just spend time with and see where things could lead.  That is exactly what Darya was looking for, however, she also did not want to put all her eggs in one basket.

Jim was kind, witty and very entertaining to talk to and Darya felt it would be ok for him to have her number.  Jim seemed really eager to meet her in person which made Darya a little uncomfortable but she wrote it off as her timidity with this new journey she was on.

Then work started to become demanding, she found out her daughter was pregnant with her first grandchild and Darya planned to immediately fly in for the first ultrasound.  She had plans with Jim for that weekend but she was sure he would understand.

After a crazy morning of back to back meetings, Darya finally had some downtime to check her emails, text messages and phone calls.  She noticed that Jim had called and texted several times.  She became concerned for his welfare and called him back immediately.

Jim was very happy to hear from her.  He thought she had decided to stop talking to him, which Darya found odd, since she had texted him good morning first thing before she left her house for work that day.  He immediately asked when he could see her and Darya told him about her daughter and newly planned trip.  He said he was disappointed but he understood and they agreed to talk later.

On the bus ride home from work, Darya received a text message from Jim telling her she ‘better not’ be out with some other man right now.  Taken aback, Darya was unsure how to respond to this unexpected text, so she simply chose not to.  After about fifteen minutes, Jim responded that he was just joking.  Darya replied with a smiley face and went back to reading her book.

Later that night, Darya was awakened by beeping noises from her phone.  Alarm set in, as it could be her daughter, so she immediately checked her messages.  They were from Jim, five in total.  Jim was saying how attracted he was too her, that she was definitely his future and that he hoped she felt the same way.  He also told her that she ‘better not’ break his heart and that she ‘better not’ be talking to any other men from the app.

Darya decided they needed to have a talk, Jim was coming on way too strong and too fast.  She dialed his number and he picked up right away.  Before she could say anything, he told her he was so relieved that she called him.  Darya let him know that she liked him too but that he was starting to push her too fast.  Silence followed and then Jim totally threw her for a loop.  He asked her to marry him?  She was caught off guard at first but then she remembered his wit, so she started laughing but Jim did not join her.

“You ‘better not’ ever laugh at me again” Jim screamed into the phone.  Shocked, Darya told Jim that he ‘better not’ ever scream at her again!  But that only enraged him more.  Jim started to yell about her audacity at putting him second behind her daughter when he should be her first priority.  He told her she ‘better not’ think that she could just toy with his emotions and that she ‘better not’ ever treat him this way again.

It was then that Darya realized she ‘better not’ even bother to try to reason with this lunatic.  She hung up the phone, blocked his number and blocked him from contacting her on the dating app.  After realizing how close she had come to meeting up with her worst nightmare, Darya decided to leave meeting someone new to chance.

~ Mara Prose



#TuesdayThoughts: We are only human…

I’m sure you expect me to be thinking about the debate but I refuse to give it energy today.

I’m thinking about a conversation with a friend.   She’s trying to do the right thing in life but she’s lost because she doesn’t quite know what is ‘right’ for her.   She’s having trouble deciphering what is God’s plan for her life but mostly she’s having trouble forgiving herself for past mistakes.

We are only human..

First of all, what is ‘right’ for you is relative.  In my mind, there really is no right or wrong way of doing things.  Yes, you should always strive for kindness, compassion, empathy and common decency but I’m talking about outside of that.  I’m taking about the unrealistic expectations we place on ourself daily.  What is their origin?

We are only human…

I’ve made so many mistakes, it’s mind boggling.  My impulse has put me in hot water more than once.  I haven’t always been the greatest wife, friend or mother but during those times I didn’t readily admit I was screwing up my relationships either.

We are only human…

I guess it comes down to accountability.  We need to assess our lives not obsess.   Our movements should be towards striking a balance and operating in moderation.  I think what is important above all else is forgiving yourself for being human.

We are only human…

There is no playbook for life. A lot of us go through life searching for guidance externally when knowing your path is an internal process.

So Today’s Message is: Forgive yourself, your only human!

~ Mara Prose