Thursday Thoughts: Wobbegong (A Mara Prose Poem)

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You are motionless in your emotions
You give no chase, you only entice
Your duality camouflages who you really are
You prey on the weak and diminish the strong
Your attack is not expected, your victim is left severely wounded
And although you are slow to pounce
You can devour a soul in a fraction of a second
Your third eye is not wisdom, it is deceit
You are a bottom dwelling succubus
Your bite is often unprovoked
Your ambush is renowned and your victims are many
You will suck your lover’s heart dry and go on to the next
The lover will be left exhausted, jaded and in extreme pain
Oh Wobbegong, why do you feed on the weak and strong alike?
Mend your heart, nourish your soul, find a true passion
You feel empty because you are empty
Your sole purpose is to consume but you are never fulfilled
Oh Wobbegong, sorry to say you will never rise to the top
Your place is designated to the bottom
You cannot ride the backs of others
So go back to your corner and hide
Because Wobbegong, you are nothing but a bottom
dwelling leech waiting for your next casualty

wobbegong shark

~ Author Mara Prose

Thursday Thoughts: I can’t, I don’t, I won’t (A Mara Prose Poem)…

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I could heal you, but I won’t
I could fight for you, but I don’t
I could make you love me, but I can’t
Mostly because it’s unnecessary work, so save your rants

Your insecurities are not my responsibility
Your emotional baggage will not be my testimony
I don’t have time to force you to trust
It is just plain and simply a must

We’ve all been through ups and downs
It’s all about how you turn it around
Stop being afraid to open your heart
Just find someone that sets themselves apart

I hear that you don’t want to be hurt
But it’s not really something you can avert
Stop punishing the world for the jerks
Just be cautious and find the one that works

I can’t fix you if you are broken
I don’t need to mend you if you are torn
If you need a savior, I won’t be the one
It is not my job to fix you, I will simply say I’m done

See me when you are whole
Hit me up when you are bold
Let me know when you are ready
And then maybe I can promise something steady
Until then I can’t, I don’t and I won’t

~ Mara Prose

#TuesdayThoughts: We are only human…

I’m sure you expect me to be thinking about the debate but I refuse to give it energy today.

I’m thinking about a conversation with a friend.   She’s trying to do the right thing in life but she’s lost because she doesn’t quite know what is ‘right’ for her.   She’s having trouble deciphering what is God’s plan for her life but mostly she’s having trouble forgiving herself for past mistakes.

We are only human..

First of all, what is ‘right’ for you is relative.  In my mind, there really is no right or wrong way of doing things.  Yes, you should always strive for kindness, compassion, empathy and common decency but I’m talking about outside of that.  I’m taking about the unrealistic expectations we place on ourself daily.  What is their origin?

We are only human…

I’ve made so many mistakes, it’s mind boggling.  My impulse has put me in hot water more than once.  I haven’t always been the greatest wife, friend or mother but during those times I didn’t readily admit I was screwing up my relationships either.

We are only human…

I guess it comes down to accountability.  We need to assess our lives not obsess.   Our movements should be towards striking a balance and operating in moderation.  I think what is important above all else is forgiving yourself for being human.

We are only human…

There is no playbook for life. A lot of us go through life searching for guidance externally when knowing your path is an internal process.

So Today’s Message is: Forgive yourself, your only human!

~ Mara Prose

Friday Frankness: Just slap passive aggressive people


I am not feeling well and in a very bad mood so I apologize but don’t apologize really since this is Friday Frankness.

I am dealing with the stupidest, most passive aggressive person in the world.  If this is how you are, then you are a coward.  All the subtle jabs, subliminal messages and unnecessary drama is exhausting.  If like me and you are dealing with someone like this, the best reaction to them is no reaction.  That’s all they want is to get a rise out of you.

Man up!  If you have something to say, say it.  If you need to confront someone, do it.  If you are frustrated, well vent.  Just be an adult about it all.  Stop hiding behind nonsense and just say what you mean and mean what you say.

Today’s Message: STOP THE MADNESS

Mara Prose Monday! False Assumptions


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It still amazes me how so many people are interested in my marriage.  What happened, why the separation, and then the rumors that start from the little information I provide.

False assumptions are so rampant and frankly I find them annoying.  We look at pictures, read articles that are slanted for entertainment and pass judgment on people we barely know.  In regards to my marriage, it is a personal matter between me and my husband.  Whatever happens is God’s will and He is the only one I truly confide in.  You can probably ascertain some of the feelings I go through from my previous poetry but then again, maybe not.

I believe that more people need to keep their business to themselves and work things out without an audience such as Facebook or Twitter.  Not to be harsh, but there is no one in this world close enough to me that needs to know all my private business.

Even most of my friends and family are not privy to all my inner thoughts. The point of this post is there is nothing wrong with being private.  You are under no obligation to explain your actions to others.  Don’t let people guilt trip you into spilling all the beans when you are going through some hard times.

This is not to say that you should never have confidantes.  Please do not misunderstood me.  If you have people you trust, by all means enjoy the blessing of having that special someone(s) that you can talk about anything with.  I am simply saying be careful.  Right now, I am enjoying being my own best friend and drowning out all the noise of others.  Some mean well but I take what they say with a grain of salt.  It is impossible to speak on things when you have not experienced it first hand.

There is a lot of people who will smile in your face, sympathize and then talk about you behind your back.  I have a lot of those in my life which is why they are relegated to simply associates.

Today’s message is simply CHOOSE WISELY!

~ Mara Prose


Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

kimkardashian-kanye west.jpg

You have to be extremely careful with who you allow into your circle.  There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing.  People love to toss around “I love you, girl” without any sincerity behind it.


So how do you attract the right tribe in a world full of deception and falsehoods?  First you must know who you are and accept the fact that not everyone is meant to be a part of your immediate circle.  There’s nothing wrong with limiting your interactions with those who you simply do not vibe with you.  Many people are out to drain you for their own selfish needs and you need to be able to push back and set limitations for your own sanity’s sake.

Your inner circle should be a reflection of who you are.   I am not saying that you should all be clones but it is important to have common interest, values and principles.  For example, if you are a positive soul, then why put up with a negativity ninny?  If you are a very spiritual individual, why waste your time with an atheist who may be determined to change your beliefs?


My vibes gravitate towards the real.  You be real with me and I will respond in kind.  I like people with ambitions; those who like to think outside of the box.  I strongly relate to people who have paved their own path against all odds and did not adhere to the status quo.  But that’s just who I am.  I also highly value loyalty.  Loyalty is a deal breaker with me.  If you cannot be loyal to me, then there is no reason for us to associate.

As I’ve stated in previous blogs.  I recently went through an extremely bad patch.  Thank God it is behind me and I am doing very well these days.  But during that dark period, I really found out who my true friends were.  I had family members that I rarely see or even speak to come to my aid.  I had friends who had their own struggles reach out and help me through this bad time.  It will be forever engrained in my memory, the ones who brought me through the storm.

Always remember your tribe is a reflection of you.  You attract what you send out into the world.  Whether you are a loner or introvert, or simply someone who has been hurt too many times, you still need a support system.  You cannot make it through this journey we call life without at least one person to lean on.  Even if you feel absolutely self-sufficient, you need a support system.


Each person in our life represents the world from a different perspective.  Sometimes we are blind to what others can see clearly and we need their help gaining clarity.  So find your inner vibe, send it out into the world and welcome the kindred spirits you attract.

Until next time.

~ Mara Prose

This Is My Path (A Mara Prose Poem)


I never thought I’d see the day
Where our love would ebb and go away

I always thought we would be one
I never thought we’d be undone

I always imagined a storybook ending
I never knew we would be past mending

Was it worth it? Who knows,
It’s still being written

There are times I’m lonely but then there
are times remotely, I feel a sense of peace,
wonder and refined emotion

Because now I have a new lease on life
Now I have a world without strife

I’ve said my goodbyes much to everyone’s surprise
I’ve cried my tears and dried my eyes

I’m mending my heart and learning to live apart
Will I love again? Maybe, I could start

My priorities lie in loving myself
I don’t have to change anymore
I can just be thyself

I let it all go because it was what was best for me
I needed a change, I needed to be free

I’ve spread my wings and hope I don’t fall
I’m following a new path, I’m following my call

It’s hard, it’s taxing and some days seem so blue
But then God sends a sign for me to remain true

I am grateful for the strength to press on
I am grateful for the people I can fall back upon

The story is being written right before our eyes
All the new developments are a wonderful prize

So I accept my new journey and I am in no hurry
I want to enjoy the experiences, I don’t want my memories to be blurry

Because this is my path and I have to make it last
This is my path and let’s just leave it at that

~ Author Mara Prose