Thursday Thoughts: I can’t, I don’t, I won’t (A Mara Prose Poem)…

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I could heal you, but I won’t
I could fight for you, but I don’t
I could make you love me, but I can’t
Mostly because it’s unnecessary work, so save your rants

Your insecurities are not my responsibility
Your emotional baggage will not be my testimony
I don’t have time to force you to trust
It is just plain and simply a must

We’ve all been through ups and downs
It’s all about how you turn it around
Stop being afraid to open your heart
Just find someone that sets themselves apart

I hear that you don’t want to be hurt
But it’s not really something you can avert
Stop punishing the world for the jerks
Just be cautious and find the one that works

I can’t fix you if you are broken
I don’t need to mend you if you are torn
If you need a savior, I won’t be the one
It is not my job to fix you, I will simply say I’m done

See me when you are whole
Hit me up when you are bold
Let me know when you are ready
And then maybe I can promise something steady
Until then I can’t, I don’t and I won’t

~ Mara Prose

Tuesday Thoughts: When the bough breaks…

I recently read in an article that the older you get, the less friends you will have.  In the past few days, two long term friendships have ended and there is no remorse.

Each one of those relationships had evolved into something unrecognizable.   Where there was once love, respect and mutual appreciation, it was replaced with distance, hostility and loss of support.  I have my suspicions of what really brought this on – jealousy, envy, personal problems – but I’m not going to give it any energy.

Today’s thoughts are about not feeling guilty when relationships have run their course.  I still have a hard time listening to that inner voice that tells me to let certain people go.   Just because someone calls you their best friend, doesn’t mean they are yours.

When a friendship appears to have run its course, let it go.  People evolve all the time and time waits for no one.  Arguments will happen, friendships will end but don’t you let it make you feel guilty.

My point is, value yourself.  Embrace your evolution and that it will not include some people.  And to the now ex-friend who told me I don’t know how to be a friend; no sweetheart, I just couldn’t meet your demands for the type of friendship you required.  And you know what, that’s ok because life goes on and there are some amazing people in my life and I meet new people everyday.

Tuesday Thought: Love yourself. Forgive your faults.  And don’t hesitate to clean your friendship house when you need to.

~ Mara Floyd

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

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You have to be extremely careful with who you allow into your circle.  There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing.  People love to toss around “I love you, girl” without any sincerity behind it.


So how do you attract the right tribe in a world full of deception and falsehoods?  First you must know who you are and accept the fact that not everyone is meant to be a part of your immediate circle.  There’s nothing wrong with limiting your interactions with those who you simply do not vibe with you.  Many people are out to drain you for their own selfish needs and you need to be able to push back and set limitations for your own sanity’s sake.

Your inner circle should be a reflection of who you are.   I am not saying that you should all be clones but it is important to have common interest, values and principles.  For example, if you are a positive soul, then why put up with a negativity ninny?  If you are a very spiritual individual, why waste your time with an atheist who may be determined to change your beliefs?


My vibes gravitate towards the real.  You be real with me and I will respond in kind.  I like people with ambitions; those who like to think outside of the box.  I strongly relate to people who have paved their own path against all odds and did not adhere to the status quo.  But that’s just who I am.  I also highly value loyalty.  Loyalty is a deal breaker with me.  If you cannot be loyal to me, then there is no reason for us to associate.

As I’ve stated in previous blogs.  I recently went through an extremely bad patch.  Thank God it is behind me and I am doing very well these days.  But during that dark period, I really found out who my true friends were.  I had family members that I rarely see or even speak to come to my aid.  I had friends who had their own struggles reach out and help me through this bad time.  It will be forever engrained in my memory, the ones who brought me through the storm.

Always remember your tribe is a reflection of you.  You attract what you send out into the world.  Whether you are a loner or introvert, or simply someone who has been hurt too many times, you still need a support system.  You cannot make it through this journey we call life without at least one person to lean on.  Even if you feel absolutely self-sufficient, you need a support system.


Each person in our life represents the world from a different perspective.  Sometimes we are blind to what others can see clearly and we need their help gaining clarity.  So find your inner vibe, send it out into the world and welcome the kindred spirits you attract.

Until next time.

~ Mara Prose

This Is My Path (A Mara Prose Poem)


I never thought I’d see the day
Where our love would ebb and go away

I always thought we would be one
I never thought we’d be undone

I always imagined a storybook ending
I never knew we would be past mending

Was it worth it? Who knows,
It’s still being written

There are times I’m lonely but then there
are times remotely, I feel a sense of peace,
wonder and refined emotion

Because now I have a new lease on life
Now I have a world without strife

I’ve said my goodbyes much to everyone’s surprise
I’ve cried my tears and dried my eyes

I’m mending my heart and learning to live apart
Will I love again? Maybe, I could start

My priorities lie in loving myself
I don’t have to change anymore
I can just be thyself

I let it all go because it was what was best for me
I needed a change, I needed to be free

I’ve spread my wings and hope I don’t fall
I’m following a new path, I’m following my call

It’s hard, it’s taxing and some days seem so blue
But then God sends a sign for me to remain true

I am grateful for the strength to press on
I am grateful for the people I can fall back upon

The story is being written right before our eyes
All the new developments are a wonderful prize

So I accept my new journey and I am in no hurry
I want to enjoy the experiences, I don’t want my memories to be blurry

Because this is my path and I have to make it last
This is my path and let’s just leave it at that

~ Author Mara Prose

Please Shut UP about the FLOTUS and Beyonce friendship!

As always, I was reading headlines online. I came across a few articles about individuals being irate that Michelle Obama took her girls to a Beyonce concert recently. I read another article where allegedly in an interview when asked if she could be anyone else in the world, who would she be, she stated Beyonce. The article went on to chastise the First Lady for picking someone they consider not to be a role model for young girls. My daughter is 9 and while I would not necessarily take her at this point to a concert, at 13, if she wanted to go then I would absolutely join her like any good mother would do. She did not drop the girls off at the concert by themselves, she made it a family event and sat right next to the girls. Hell, it was a star studded event, the same people Michelle has been rubbing elbows with at events for our President. What is the harm in watching a concert together? I am pretty sure Beyonce had the sense to tone some things down as a lot of the crowd was there by personal invitation.

It is no secret I am not a huge Beyonce but that is neither here nor there. I see everyday how her stans, as they are called, consistently attack negative posts that are not all in favor of Beyonce. Ridiculous and I am here to tell anyone who wants to do that on my blog, you really don’t want to go toe to toe with me on a battle of words. If you don’t like what I am saying, might I suggest you move on to the next blog and don’t look back. But I will admit, I did a double take when I heard she and the girls were at Beyonce’s concert. I am not in favor of girls that age attending concerts by entertainers who generally cater to a more mature crowd.

However, in my opinion there is really no one on this earth that is an appropriate role model or hero for anyone. Man is flawed and we cannot see what goes on behind closed doors with all these individuals. I definitely don’t believe an entertainer can be a role model. I believe celebrities can be motivators but ultimately the only role model in my household is Jesus Christ, period.

I am not here to argue whether or not Beyonce is a role model, but I am here to argue the fact that Mrs. Obama has a right to raise her children exactly as she sees fit. This woman is obviously the best role model for her children and is leading by example. She is very smart, has several degrees, is very charitable and for goodness sake, her husband is the President of the United States. I highly doubt the girls will be permanently scarred from attending this concert with their mother. Hello people, there is still YouTube where you can see any and everything.

Please get off your high horses and shut up about this!

I think it would behoove many of us to pay a lot more attention to our own children and set better examples for them. How about we focus on preventing obesity for our children, bullying, keeping them in positive/motivating events? Does that not sound better as opposed to sitting around yapping about how the FLOTUS should not have taken her girls to a Beyonce concert? It is not her fault celebrity status is blown way out of proportion. As for what she stated in the interview, it appears to be very ambiguous in nature to me which hints at a dose of politics, especially with the current election looming before us. I am tired of reading about individuals who feel they can dictate your life. I did not see the interview, nor did I look it up, because frankly she has a right to make a decision as to what is best for her family and who she would like to be in another life.

Please shut up about this!

I make sure my children understand an entertainer is just that, an entertainer. Thankfully, I see, mine are patterning themselves after myself and my husband. Yes, we are flawed individuals as well but I would much rather that than some bubble head off of TV that is following the almighty dollar with no concern for the examples they are leaving behind. No people, it is our responsibility to guide our children; not Beyonce, Michelle Obama or any other person that makes headlines. I am pretty sure Michelle feels the same way. We have cannibals in our news people!! I think we have more serious matters on our hands as opposed to who the First Lady chooses to spend her private time with.

Thanks for allowing me to vent, this topic of interest to so many really irked me. So until another one does the same, please keep reading and sharing my blog!!!

~Mara Prose