The Journey to Mara Prose!

The theme for the upcoming year is all about my journey thus far.  Mara Prose has come a long way since the inception of my brand.  What initially started as a hobby, a past time, a simple way of voicing my opinion; has now grown into an international movement to consistently inspire, empower, encourage and motivate.  I am proudly boasting over 6 thousand followers worldwide and steadily growing every day.

It is that time of year where I need to enlighten all my followers on the future of Mara Prose.

New! Prosey’s Corner – weekly broadcast
Proseys Corner

My new radio show on is only getting better and better each week.  As we continue to flourish and gain more sponsors, the time that we broadcast will expand.  We are also planning to add comedic relief to our show in the very near future.  Our show will continue to have special guests who bring a wide variety of topics for discussion.  Please be sure to tune in every Saturday morning 9am CST/10am EST on or call the studio line at 323-642-1391.

The Davenports Trilogy

The Davenports Synopsis

Due to unforseen circumstances, we had to push the release date for the first installment to Pre-Sales on February 3, 2018 and official release March 2, 2018.  I picked these two dates in honor of my best friend and baby sister who both have offered a tremendous amount of support and encouragement to the Mara Prose brand over the years.  Book II of the Davenports is tentatively scheduled to be released December 16, 2018.  Stay tuned!

New! The Journey to Mara Prose (An Anthology of Poetry)

I have decided to chronicle my journey to Mara Prose by means of my poetry.  There is nothing I write that is more raw, personal and honest as my poetry.  As I was reading through my poems, I discovered it accurately narrated my struggle towards self awareness, acceptance and my awakening; but most of all the poems encompass the birth of Mara Prose.  You can expect this anthology to be released on May 17th, 2018.

New! Mara Prose Publishing Projects

There is a story in all of us, and I am so proud to announce that more and more people are contacting me to help them find their voice and write their stories.  “Finding Your Voice” has become our new business motto and while we cannot take on all the projects we would like to, we look forward to producing the ones we can.  We have several exciting projects coming up in the new year, so be sure to support our aspiring writers!

New! The Mara Prose Virtual Book Club

Beginning January 2018, I will be holding live chats to discuss our book selections.  These chats will be available on Facebook Live and Instagram Live.  I will definitely have to get used to being in front of the camera a lot more, but I feel it will better engage my book club members.

The Mara Prose You Tube Channel

Is currently in development and not being utilized as a Mara Prose platform.  However, that will change in 2018 and we will release more details on the direction we plan to take with our You Tube videos at a later date.

As always, I want to thank all my Prosers for your support.  I have nothing but love for you and I hope you will continue to follow me on this Journey to Mara Prose.  It is a constant evolution and I promise my brand will always entertain, inspire, empower and motivate!

Until next time,

Author Mara Prose

Mara Prose Monday: Finding your inner strength in the midst of chaos…

First and foremost, let’s say a prayer in remembrance of 9/11, for Houston flood victims and for Miami.

Mara Prose Announcements:

Please be sure to tune into the Roku Channel: The Book Trailer Channel (Twitter @TBTC_TV ‏) to view my book trailer on your big screen!  See my first reaction to it below:

New Projects in Development:

  • Mara Prose App – the book will also be sold from here in addition to my website.  I am still deciding what else I want to do with the app, so stay tuned.
  • New Writing Projects – I will be ghostwriting a cookbook, a memoir and I also have a new memoir-ish book I am 9 chapters into while continuing to work on Book 2 of the The Davenports.
  • Mara Prose You Tube Channel – is now LIVE with only videos of my book trailers at the moment but will soon include 5 – 15 minute segments of me discussing various topics.

Topic for Today: Finding your inner strength in the midst of chaos

Adversity builds strength and character.  Who you really are as a person will reveal itself in the midst of chaos, tragedy and loss.  The catastrophic hurricanes that have hit Houston and Miami have definitely tested the limits of everyone’s stress thresholds.  It was a blessing to see so many coming together to help each other through the storms.  It restored some of my faith in humanity.

So how do you find your inner strength in the midst of chaos?  First, you must identify your touchstone and it must be worth fighting for at all costs.  During the worst times of my life, it is my children who keep me fighting – in particular my son who never allows me to give up.  If I see worry on his face about me, it gives me the swift kick in the ass I need to get myself in gear and keep forging ahead.  Thank you Xavier Floyd for being your momma’s touchstone.
These storms are much like the storms we all go through in life.  It is up to you to persevere.

Until next time, stay safe, love thy neighbor and never lose your inner strength.

~ Author Mara Prose

Thursday Thoughts: Wobbegong (A Mara Prose Poem)

Picture courtesy of Tokyo Ghoul Wiki – Fandom

You are motionless in your emotions
You give no chase, you only entice
Your duality camouflages who you really are
You prey on the weak and diminish the strong
Your attack is not expected, your victim is left severely wounded
And although you are slow to pounce
You can devour a soul in a fraction of a second
Your third eye is not wisdom, it is deceit
You are a bottom dwelling succubus
Your bite is often unprovoked
Your ambush is renowned and your victims are many
You will suck your lover’s heart dry and go on to the next
The lover will be left exhausted, jaded and in extreme pain
Oh Wobbegong, why do you feed on the weak and strong alike?
Mend your heart, nourish your soul, find a true passion
You feel empty because you are empty
Your sole purpose is to consume but you are never fulfilled
Oh Wobbegong, sorry to say you will never rise to the top
Your place is designated to the bottom
You cannot ride the backs of others
So go back to your corner and hide
Because Wobbegong, you are nothing but a bottom
dwelling leech waiting for your next casualty

wobbegong shark

~ Author Mara Prose

Mara Prose Monday: The Timeshare Man by Andre Blaylock

Often times a highly-coveted piece of property is too expensive for the average single individual to acquire on their own. In many cases these properties are offered on timeshare. A timeshare is a ownership model where several people collectively own usage in the same property. Although most timeshare plans apply to real estate let’s, for illustration purposes, apply this principle to a human being. Does the man you desire have to be a certain height, weight and build ? Does he have to work in a particular profession and earn a specific amount of money? How important are his looks, vocabulary, sense of style, and level of ambition? Are all these features a far measure above the average man that you would typically encounter in the dating marketplace? If you are anything like most of the women I work with, the answer is a resounding, “Hell, yeah!” Then you, my dear, are either in search or in possession of a “Timeshare Man”. Timeshare men do not play by the same rules as men of lower status. The “Timeshare Man” knows that he is in demand, therefore he is extremely punctilious. Whereas you could probably hold an average fellow to a certain protocol, these rules of engagement will not apply to the timeshare man because he is accustomed to various options and he knows his value. Whenever you look to upgrade anything, its important to understand the higher cost of ownership. Owning a premium gasoline vehicle on a regular gasoline budget is a problem. The vehicle will still drive, but when it starts to lose its performance you can’t blame the manufacturer. The blame is yours because you picked a vehicle that was exceptionally nice on the outside but was clearly out of your league. When going after a “Timeshare Man” know that there are many who will appreciate his artistic lines and commanding curb appeal. Realize that there are many who desire a test drive. If not for keeps, then at least for the experience.

Mara Prose Monday: Your Name Is Not Failure by Jena C. Henry

I have been enjoying a mini – vacation from the blog, my usual social media commentary and now I am happy to be back at it!  Around this time last year, I met Jena via twitter and asked her to be a guest blogger for me.  Since that time, she has not only become a fellow blogger, one of my favorite authors, but a friend as well.  I was so pleased when she agreed to write a guest post for me again.  Her subject matter in this post is so relatable and inspirational for all those who are going through or have been through a recent layoff.  Enjoy and be encouraged! ~ Mara Prose


Your Name is not Failure

“I’m a failure!”

“Why?” I asked. “What happened?”

“I lost my job.”

I took a deep breath and thought a moment before I replied. Then I said-

“You are not a failure! You are a wonderful recipe of many unique skills and

talents. You are YOU. And your name is not Failure!”

Most of us have either said I’m a failure! or have had a similar conversation about

failure. We’ve comforted ourselves or our friends after a disappointment or a


When I think about failure- I think about things. Machines fail- think of all the

appliances you have owned that have broken and that you have had to replace.

Tires fail- you can see truck tire shreds on any highway. Your car won’t start, your

pen leaks on you, you break a heel on your shoe. Things fail and companies spend

millions on research to learn why their products fail and how to improve the

failure rate. Machines fail and their purpose is over- there’s nothing left. You fail

and you keep on going. It doesn’t define you. We aren’t tossed out after one goof,

error, or mistake.

Speaking of definitions, I came across a quote that was trying to make my point.

“Failure is a verb, not a noun.”

In fact, according to the dictionary, the word failure IS a noun, but I get what they

were trying to say. Yes, failure is a noun, a part of speech, but it’s not a whole

person. It is not YOU. It’s something you did. A machine breaks and fails. You are

so much more- you keep going!

Let’s get more specific. Instead of failing– did you take a wrong path? Did you rush

a decision? Maybe you forgot to do something or you didn’t check your work. I

like the word faux pas or false step- meaning to commit an embarrassing social

mistake. Call yourself a Faux Pas, not a failure the next time you let yourself

down. Doesn’t a little humor take the sting out of a sad situation?

One of my favorite quotes is by Calvin Coolidge.

“Press On! Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.”

Or how about this gem from Winston Churchill.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

And here’s something I found on Twitter.

“When a child is learning how to walk and falls 50 times, they never think to

themselves, “Maybe this isn’t for me!”

Yes, because of your actions or non-actions, you may need to apologize, you may need

to rethink your goals and make a new plan. You may need to cry or laugh and start all

over. But you are still YOU! Wonderful, capable, adept, marvelous YOU!

Your name is not Failure.

Jena C. Henry







Thursday Thoughts with Mara Prose: 10 Quotes to Inspire You (Reblog)

Thank you for all the love and support you continually bring to Mara Prose.  For those who have sent me messages, I miss you too!  I am still on hiatus from the blog so I can focus on other writing projects and developing material for upcoming contests.  However,  I will return with new material on March 6th.  In the meantime, I will reblog posts from some of my favorite bloggers daily.  Enjoy! ~ Mara

Hello my beloved reader! I hope you are doing amazing out there today. Truly hoping that you are playing in the rare-air taking bold risks and living your life to the fullest. I hope you are on the journey of continuous development of heartset, mindset, soulset and healthset! Today, in this bundle of inspiration, I share with you……

via 10 Quotes to Inspire You! [2 min read] — Aditya Shukla

Wednesday Wisdom: Is Instagram Ruining Our Female Friendships? by Amy Leak

Picture Courtesy of Tom’s Guide

This article: Is Instagram Ruining Our Female Friendships?  by Amy Leak is everything!  I honestly could not have said this any better.  I think we have all been guilty of this at one time or another.  The key is to admitting to our envy and working to fight against it.  We all need to stop looking at these small moments in time captured by Instagram and Facebook, and realize they do not equate to a happy life.  It only takes a few seconds to smile for the camera and what is not captured, is all the hidden traumas, insecurities, and life challenges that every individual is going through.  I find people who stalk other people’s accounts looking for some sort of evidence that they are not alone in their misery very sad.  I also find it sad that people post seeking validation or purposely trying to incite envy in others. 

We all have problems.  We all have things we are going through and none of us are perfect.  Yet, no matter how many times you repeat that, people still fail to grasp that concept and will continue to compare their lives to others.  It is true that misery loves company but if you find that you practice that often, you have some re-evaluating to do.  Sadly, it is simply the world we live in.

I think we all need to take some time and disconnect and self reflect.  I say that a lot in my blog posts but it is true.  Stop pretending to be someone that you are not.  Try to really be honest with yourself.  It is a hard thing to do but it can bring you so much peace of mind.  For me, I don’t see a lot of my friend and family’s post because I have filled my Facebook and Instagram timelines with stuff I like to regularly see – such as news articles, anything about writing and celebrity gossip, lol!  All my social media is very Pinterest like; I follow things that appeal to my intellect.  I say this because it might be a solution for someone else who has difficulty feeling inferior about their life due to other people’s posts.  If someone gets under your skin, just un-follow them.  There is no need to criticize them or roll your eyes about whatever they share, just simply remove yourself from their page. 

Please take the time to read this fantastic article and take it to heart. ~ Mara Prose 

In case the link above does not work for you, here is Amy’s Huffington Post article:

The familiar envy-inducing selfie. Many of us can agree we’ve wasted many morning commutes erratically scrolling through aspirational images of our female peers with a sinking sense of depreciation.

The Ugly Truth

Why do we look at these selfies? Aspiration. Motivation. #Goals.

What does this actually achieve? Comparison. Self-criticism. Envy.

Envy is an ugly thing. We don’t want to admit we feel inadequate or that we are doubtful of ourselves. Instead we feel envy that stirs up feelings of competition in all of us. She has something we want.

Competition is a defence mechanism for inadequacy. The truth is, we’d rather feel a sense of competition than admit she has something we want. And what does competition lead to? Individualism.

Now don’t get me wrong, individualism is good. However, there is a sort of individualism that produces a false independence, a fear of social intimacy, an unfounded assumption of others. The sad thing about the individualism that I’m talking about is that it is one that is immobilised by insecurity.

Let’s be honest, we are never going to achieve the exact same success we see on Instagram. Everyone’s measure and nature of success is different. More concerning still, these images are deliberate reconstructions and are not always authentic or achievable. As a result we’re breeding inferiority amongst women.

The Ugly Cycle

Why do we upload these selfies? Recognition. Affirmation. Achievement.

What does this actually achieve? A search for an identity on other people’s terms.

This is a losing battle.

Rather than sitting back and voyeuristically judging other women and ourselves, we should be forming real connections and relationships.

We can all build ourselves a digital avatar, an online personality through a carefully manipulated lens, a reward system based upon a reliance of others. What Instagram is actually doing is setting us apart more. It’s manufacturing a cycle built on destructive individualism and competition between women.

“My life is better than yours.”

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to share your lives with your friends. But there is such thing as a balance and sharing intimate snaps for the right reasons. We shouldn’t feel the need to find an identity in relation to others.

Rather than sitting back and voyeuristically judging other women and ourselves, we should be forming real connections and relationships. Instagram makes it very easy to become passive, detached from reality and unsatisfied.

I’ve got a few pieces of advice, my fellow females. Next time you meet someone (virtually or physically) that begins to stir up envy, just think:

She is an individual who is more than her image.

She has insecurities of her own, like you.

She has helped you understand more about what you might like to achieve in your own way.

You will fulfil your own personal ambitions on your terms.

Stay awesome and support each other, Ladies.