#LevelUp – Are more women single because they walk in a ‘Girlfriend’ spirit?

There is a current mixed emotional disucssion taking place on social media, concerning the musicial artist Ciara’s recent instagram post about women learning their true value and not settling.  Her post was based off of a John Gray sermon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFpHCBubf_E.

I have included the article below for more details.

Here is what Ciara posted and I am not sure how it can be misinterpreted as her trying to shame single women.


If this message causes a woman to become offended and assume they are being belittled by a married woman, they obviously have some soul searching to do.  There is nothing wrong with encouraging women not to settle, focus on their relationship with God and become secure in themselves as a person before becoming a “WE”.  Too many of us rush into relationships without thinking it all the way through; this only leads to regrets.  You do have men preying on the loneliness of women and that is not male bashing, that is a simple fact.  Therefore, we as women have to use our discernment, go with our gut and pay attention to the red flags.

pexels-photo-226166Who has not made the wrong decision at one time or another in their love lives?  Who is without regret for past relationships that are seen as failures?  The point Ciara was making in my opinion, is that women need to learn from their past mistakes, learn to love themselves more and make better choices for their life.  Besides, why attack her for supporting a sermon she agreed with that was delivered by Pastor John Gray – why not attack him?

Once again, if that encouragement causes you to feel bad about your life, then I believe it has simply hit a nerve you have been trying to ignore for some time.  I find it exhausting the way people get offended over every little issue.  No one wants to take accountability and accept the hard truths.  We have to do better, ladies!  We need to stop bashing each other and support one another more.  #LevelUp

Source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Black Twitter is pretty upset with Ciara. So…what exactly did she do? Apparently, the mother of two posted a clip co-signing with pastor John Gray, who insinuates that too many women act like a girlfriend instead of wife. The “Goodies” singer captioned it, “#LevelUp. Don’t settle.” Take a look: Interesting, depending…

via Ciara Dragged On Social Media For Instagram Post About Marriage — Black America Web

~ Author Mara Prose

Reflections for 2017

Happy New Year Prosers!!!  I am so excited about 2018, you have no idea how anxious I am to see how this year pans out.  As per my usual tradition, it is time to reflect on the past year.


downloadI have to say that 2017 saw a whole new Mara.  My confidence came back, my determination returned and my peace of mind finally came into play.  Mara Prose Publishing grew by leaps and bounds, and it went places I never even imagined.  But we shall talk about that in a moment, back to the new me.  What has changed aside from what I already stated?   I healed and I think that is the most important aspect of 2017, is that I healed, let go and forgave.  2017 was the official year of my divorce.  In 2016, I truly believe I was trying to hold onto something that I had outgrown, that no longer existed and was terrified of the major changes taking place in my life.  I can honestly admit that I truly believed we would repair our marriage, but this past year I realized and accepted that those two people who fell in love so very long ago no longer existed and that love was gone – but that it was all ok and just part of life.  In 2017, I let it all go, accepted what was to be and started focusing on the path that God was laying before me.  Words cannot express how happy I am at this point in my life.  I also stopped doubting the God-given talent of writing and started to embrace it, develop it and hone my craft.  Lastly, I rekindled relationships with estranged family, friends and co-workers and built a network of support that was so loving, nurturing and empowering, I had no choice but to grow and flourish.  Life is good Prosers and I pray that 2018 is an even better year.  I have to give thanks to God, my Mom, My Sister and My Best Friend Nicky W. , for bringing me back to life and encouraging all that is Mara Prose.


2017 was the beginning of my very own radio show!  I have to admit that a radio show was never a part of the Mara Prose vision, but I cannot imagine life without it now.  Once again, my best friend has joined me in this new endeavor.  Bless her heart she was just kind of thrown into it with me and went along willing without question, lol.  Everyone should be so fortunate to have such a best friend like mine.

Proseys CornerBut let me tell you about Prosey’s Corner and the premise of my show.  It is the same premise as my blog, my brand and my image: Inspiring, Motivating and Empowering people to FIND THEIR VOICE – just as I have found my voice over the past several years.  My guests range from authors, CEOs, musicians, fashion designers and relationship specialist just to name a few.  I have to give a shout out to Valerie Denise Jones, Phelo the Great and the entire 4E Media group, and thank them for providing me with this platform.  Valerie immediately saw something in me from our first meeting and I will be eternally grateful for all the support, guidance and encouragement she has provided the past few months.  I have made a lifelong friend in her and that friendship came with the birth of Prosey’s Corner.  So be sure to tune in every Saturday 9am CST/10am EST on 4ERadio.com or you can call the studio line 323-642-1391 and be a part of the show.

4e media group


how to find love2017 was an emphasis on LOVE for me.  As I healed, I started to believe in it again.  Love comes in so many forms and I have so much love in my life, it would be a shame not to embrace it.  As I stated before, I have an enormous support group filled with nothing but love, encouragement and happiness for me.  I tear up as I write this because it feels so good to be so loved and to be able to return that love to all my friends, family, and Prosers.  I started this year being open to all that Love can bring me this year, and everyday my cup runneth over with LOVE, LOVE, and more Love.


2017 brought me peace of mind.  I had been searching for it for so long and to finally have it, feels simply amazing.  I pray that everyone finds this type of peace in their life.  What does it feel like?  It feels like heaven, like walking on cloud nine, and feels like I am constantly embraced by a positive energy so strong, I simply radiate with it.  So many want to know what I changed in my life to get to this point.

peace-e1352246783623You simply have to let go and let God.  Whatever your spirtuality is, embrace it.  You cannot have a victim mentality.  You have to own your flaws, your mistakes, people you have hurt and acknowledge the fact that you need to constantly work on being the best YOU that YOU CAN BE.  I cannot stress enough to OWN your mistakes and move past them.  Let them go, accept the learning experience and grow from it.  Life is beautiful and ugly all at the same time.  Just always remember that everything is temporary and nothing lasts forever.  Enjoy the good, remain strong through the bad and do your best to enjoy this thing we call Life.


The Davenports: A Battle of Wills: Pre-sales start February 3rd, 2018.  Official release is March 2nd, 2018!

The Journey to Mara Prose (An Anthology of Poetry): Officially releases May 17, 2018!

Look out for Mara Prose new material to be submitted to several contests this year!  It is time to be award winning!

Mara Prose Publishing Clients:

Southern Belles Cook book: Coming 2018

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Musicianaire Biography: Coming Soon!

I’m SHINING!  Thank you to all my Prosers for your continued support.  I pray you will continue with me on this beautiful journey and that you have a wonderfully, blessed and proseperous 2018!

Until next time,

Author Mara Prose

The Journey to Mara Prose!

The theme for the upcoming year is all about my journey thus far.  Mara Prose has come a long way since the inception of my brand.  What initially started as a hobby, a past time, a simple way of voicing my opinion; has now grown into an international movement to consistently inspire, empower, encourage and motivate.  I am proudly boasting over 6 thousand followers worldwide and steadily growing every day.

It is that time of year where I need to enlighten all my followers on the future of Mara Prose.

New! Prosey’s Corner – weekly broadcast
Proseys Corner

My new radio show on 4ERadio.com is only getting better and better each week.  As we continue to flourish and gain more sponsors, the time that we broadcast will expand.  We are also planning to add comedic relief to our show in the very near future.  Our show will continue to have special guests who bring a wide variety of topics for discussion.  Please be sure to tune in every Saturday morning 9am CST/10am EST on 4ERadio.com or call the studio line at 323-642-1391.

The Davenports Trilogy

The Davenports Synopsis

Due to unforseen circumstances, we had to push the release date for the first installment to Pre-Sales on February 3, 2018 and official release March 2, 2018.  I picked these two dates in honor of my best friend and baby sister who both have offered a tremendous amount of support and encouragement to the Mara Prose brand over the years.  Book II of the Davenports is tentatively scheduled to be released December 16, 2018.  Stay tuned!

New! The Journey to Mara Prose (An Anthology of Poetry)

I have decided to chronicle my journey to Mara Prose by means of my poetry.  There is nothing I write that is more raw, personal and honest as my poetry.  As I was reading through my poems, I discovered it accurately narrated my struggle towards self awareness, acceptance and my awakening; but most of all the poems encompass the birth of Mara Prose.  You can expect this anthology to be released on May 17th, 2018.

New! Mara Prose Publishing Projects

There is a story in all of us, and I am so proud to announce that more and more people are contacting me to help them find their voice and write their stories.  “Finding Your Voice” has become our new business motto and while we cannot take on all the projects we would like to, we look forward to producing the ones we can.  We have several exciting projects coming up in the new year, so be sure to support our aspiring writers!

New! The Mara Prose Virtual Book Club

Beginning January 2018, I will be holding live chats to discuss our book selections.  These chats will be available on Facebook Live and Instagram Live.  I will definitely have to get used to being in front of the camera a lot more, but I feel it will better engage my book club members.

The Mara Prose You Tube Channel

Is currently in development and not being utilized as a Mara Prose platform.  However, that will change in 2018 and we will release more details on the direction we plan to take with our You Tube videos at a later date.

As always, I want to thank all my Prosers for your support.  I have nothing but love for you and I hope you will continue to follow me on this Journey to Mara Prose.  It is a constant evolution and I promise my brand will always entertain, inspire, empower and motivate!

Until next time,

Author Mara Prose

Welcome to Prosey’s Corner!

This past Saturday, I debuted my new radio broadcast, Prosey’s Corner; sponsored by 4E Media Group and The United States of Her, headed by Valerie Denise Jones and Phillip Anthony aka Phelo the Great. I want to send a HUGE THANKS to both Valerie and Phillip for giving me this phenomenal opportunity.


It was a great learning experience, and we should only become more adept at conducting the broadcast every Saturday from this point forward.  This new platform will catapult Mara Prose Publishing into an industry I had not originally envisioned.

IMG_2897Of course, I had to bring along my literary agent, Mara Prose manager and jack of all trades Nicky W. aka best friend since 5th grade as my co-host.  There is nothing better than having someone who you love and trust along for the ride.  I need to send a huge THANK YOU her way for fearlessly jumping right in with me and for all her support!


My first guest was none other than Nate Campbell, a boxing legend: His legacy began at the age of  24-year; a warehouse worker at Winn-Dixie, father of three, shadowboxes during his breaks and is encouraged by his co-workers to try boxing. He then goes on to win world titles and, over the course of a ten year career, appear on every major TV boxing outlet and coined The Galaxxy Warrior.


If you recall, Nate was kind enough to allow me to have my first network experience on his show Experience the Galaxxy with Nate Campbell.  And I was very honored that he agreed to be my first guest on such a short notice.

We discussed why the black community suffers through mental illnesses in silence.  . African Americans are 20% more likely to report having serious psychological distress than non-Hispanic Whites, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Services. Yet young adult African Americans, especially those with higher levels of education, are less likely to seek mental health services than their White counterparts, according to a study published by the American Psychological Association. (Read more at EBONY http://www.ebony.com/wellness-empowerment/black-folks-and-mental-health-610#ixzz4xhK5uQHW)

You can listen to our first broadcast via 4E Radio.  Please keep in mind this was our very first time hosting our own radio show and we have identified many areas of improvements.  I encourage my Prosers to please stick with us and support us as we grow and bring you the best of the best in special guests, hot topics and all the inspiration and empowerment you can stand!

Until next time,

Author Mara Prose

Proseys Corner

Mara Prose Monday Edition: Meet singer, songwriter & entertainment genius Elexi!

It began with one woman’s struggle, a dream, a wish, a vision and is evolving into stardom.

Meet Elexi!


Born Alexis Arielle Adrian Williams, she began to hone her performance skills while in high school.  In her senior year, she was hailed “musician of the year” and  has been making musical strides every since.  It comes as no surprise, since Alexis’ (stage name Elexi) very own mother is also blessed with musical brillance, Lisa Adrian, aka Adrian Fairlight.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Elexi’s mother, Lisa Adrian was formerly in a band with Perri “Pebbles” Reid called Software.  The band was disbanded when Pebbles decided to pursue a solo career.  She was also on the album cover of Vicious Rumors, Timex social club (but not affiliated with the band).

Lisa was later signed to an artist development deal with TouchTone productions and they did a joint venture with JOE AND HARRY GANTZ to make a music video for her song “Bad Dream”.  The video was shot at the Federal Building in San Francisco; a famous landmark.  At this time, the Gantz brothers were just starting out but they are now EMMY AWARD WINNING film producers who address very serious topics.

Despite all this, Lisa did not get a record deal since labels felt she posed too much of a risk.   The labels felt she was too white for the R& B sound.

But the dream continues…



Following in her mother’s footsteps, Elexi is forging her own path as an artist.  She is determined to be an entrepreneur now that artists are able to create their own businesses and release their own music.  Her goal is to be an ENTERTAINMENT ATTORNEY and she is currently attending college to make that dream come true.


Elexi is also steadily building an impressive music career.  The Elexi Agenda involves being a POSITIVE ROLE MODEL for girls, women, and all other artists.  Advocating for the rights of artists is extremely important to her.  She wants to address serious topics like the Gantz brothers do.

Elexi is learning by starting from the bottom and what the process truly entails. She is consistently challenging herself to learn how to be the best Entertainment Attorney, who can help artists at all levels, not just the top.  Elexi and Lisa will be the first to tell you that figuring out how to do all this from the ground up has been daunting.  There are no clear instructions because technology and the game changes weekly.  Lisa has passed on her knowledge to her daughter from her previous experience in the industry and her motto is:  YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I feel her fans are really resonating with her because she exudes confidence, empowerment and girl power!  Her lyrics are whimsical and fun; they take you through  The Masks We Wear (A Mara Prose Poem) as women:  “Take that mask off, flick it back, look at it cause it’s gone when I say so…”  In recent years, Elexi was invited to perform and record as a featured vocalist on two singles by AM Kidd (who is currently being considered for a grammy nomination)  “Due For Love

and “You Wrote Me”.

Elexi Music recently co-produced a music video (GYGG) with Adrian Cicerone of Rookhill Production to showcase her talents and promote her first single release.

GYGG is a fun song for girl bonding.  It is all about letting your hair down and having no expectations.  I believe we can expect longevity from this talented artist – she is out to change the game and I believe she will do just that.  You can follow all her strides at eleximusic.com ~ Mara Prose

Facebook:  Elexi Music
Twitter: @lifewithelexi

Chico’s Cancer Awareness Fashion Show

me and acynthia
On Sunday, October 8th, 2017, I had the pleasure of being asked to blog for my former manager and now friend, A’Cynthia Villery – store manager of Chico’s Pearland Town Square in Houston, Texas.

This was such a special event because our models were actual cancer survivors and it was truly a blessing to interact with such profound women.  On display that entire day, were women with prolific strength, determination and strong wills to live.

I am so proud to have been a part of this event and be able to share it with my Prosers.  I will now allow the stories to speak for themselves.  ~ Author Mara Prose

Pretty Girls With Cancer

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

Meet Kandice Survivor Chick Rose the Co-Founder & Executive Director Pretty Girls With Cancer. Her non-profit runs strictly on donations that support women with cancer year round. After you read her story and feel in your heart that you want to make a difference by supporting Pretty Girls With Cancer contact Kandice today at http://www.prettygirlswithcancer.com/.  Please do not forget to click on the “Our Story” section and read Kandice’s amazing story of survival, passion and purpose.

Cindy Ram
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and shoes

Let me introduce you to cancer survivor Cindy Ram of Pretty Girls With Cancer that modeled at the Chico’s Cancer Awareness Fashion Show.  She is a 34 year old Harris County Deputy Constable at Precinct 5, who was diagnosed right before her 33rd birthday.

Tina Russell

Tina Russell is another cancer survivor with Pretty Girls With Cancer that modeled.  She has a family history of cancer. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer February 2009 and her father diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer August 2011, later to lose his earthly life to cancer and to gain his Heavenly life with God Sept 2012. Tina, herself was diagnosed a year later, August 2013 with Triple Negative Breast Cancer DCIS stage 1 and underwent a left mastectomy.  What a phenomenal woman is she!!

Diamone Broussard
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and shoes

Diamone Broussard is a cancer survivor with Pretty Girls With Cancer; another amazing model for the event.  Diamone Broussard is a mother of two, business owner (diamondpieces.net) embellished apparel and jewelry), Breast Cancer Blogger and Awareness Advocate (www.ConfidenceForTheCure.com) and as of this year, a survivor of stage 3 breast cancer!

Tamiko Byrd
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, shoes and indoor

Tamiko Byrd is also a cancer survivor with Pretty Girls With Cancer.  A wellness challenge by her employer sent Tamiko, a breastfeeding mom, to her college health services department to complete wellness documents- October 13, 2015 changed her life- she was immediately scheduled for her first mammogram, subsequent biopsy the next day, and on October 26, 2015 diagnosed with Stage III Metastatic Breast Cancer! In disbelief- her college health services scheduled a 2nd opinion at MD Anderson on November 4th, 2015, where two additional tumors were found and her diagnoses was upgraded to Stage IV.  Praise God this beautiful, vivacious woman still graces the world with her presence!

Andrea Bradford
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing

Andrea Bradford a cancer survivor with Pretty Girls With Cancer, was first diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in June of 2014.  She is currently in remission but through her faith in God, she considers herself cured.  Married to Melvin Bradford, Pastor of Calvary Hill Christian Center Church in MIssouri City, TX; she has 2 children, Melvin Bradford, Jr., and Adrianne Kendrick and 2 beautiful grandchildren, Halo, and Harper.  God is good!

Kitty Lane
Image may contain: 1 person, standing and shoes

Kitty Lane aka Raven Binkley with Pretty Girls With Cancer who modeled at the Chico’s Cancer Awareness Fashion Show was diagnosed with AML Leukemia 2012 and a recipient of a Bone Marrow Transplant from her brother.  As of September 2017 (after 5 long years), she is in TOTAL REMISSION!

Angel Chenier
Image may contain: 1 person, standing and shoes

Let me introduce you to another one of our models at the Chico’s Cancer Awareness Fashion Show featuring Pretty Girls With Cancer Angel Chenier.  She is a 5 month survivor who was diagnosed 12/16/16 with Stage I Bilateral Breast Cancer – Ductal right breast and Ductal and Lobular left breast; detected through an Annual Screening.  Her mother, Becky Chenier, lost her battle with lung cancer on February 4, 2015.  Angel loves to make gift baskets and plan children’s events.

Thank you ladies for sharing time, your stories and your strength with us!

Image may contain: 12 people, people smiling, people standing and shoes

Special Guest Speakers at Chico’s Cancer Awareness Fashion Show

Dr. Sabrina Echols – Elliott
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

Dr. Sabrina Echols-Elliott is a family medicine doctor in Houston, Texas. She received her medical degree from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

Cindy Keller
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes and indoor

Cindy Keller is owner of CVM Fierce Fitness, LLC.  She is here to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle: spiritually, mentally & physically without breaking your bank or becoming frustrated with the process.  Visit her Facebook page today and get signed to Get Right and Get Tight!

Author Mara Prose
author mara prose

Author Mara Prose is not only an author; but a blogger, poet and now radio show host.  She has a new podcast in development and her first book is due out shortly after the first of the year (2018).  Chico’s is one of her favorite stores and she is always happy to blog for all the fashion show events.  You can follow all her upcoming endeavors at www.maraprose.blog





Author Mara Prose vs Nate Campbell: The Battle Royale for Feminism

On Saturday, October 14th, 2017, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Experience the Galaxxy with Nate Campbell.  It was my first time being live on air.  I went back and watched bits and pieces of the videos and there is a lot I missed because I had a hard time hearing.  However, thankfully I am a blogger and can redeem myself.

5141b1839f3c8484cf510750044366f7--boxing-gloves-tattoo-boxing-tattoos Round One Goes To Nate
We started our discussion with healthcare.  Nate and his co-host John feel passionately about the current state of healthcare.  I wasn’t truly prepared for this discussion, but I cannot disagree with either one of them.   Before I officially went live, John made a good point that the executive order President Trump signed into office last week, scraping critical healthcare subsidies will have a negative impact on already sky high premiums.  The further discussion of this topic can be saved for the debut of Prosey’s Podcast with Mara Prose & Nicky W.!

5141b1839f3c8484cf510750044366f7--boxing-gloves-tattoo-boxing-tattoos Round Two Is A Tie
The Boy Scouts, a 107-year-old organization, announced  last Wednesday that young girls will be allowed to join Cub Scouts and that older girls will be eligible to earn the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout.  “The historic decision comes after years of receiving requests from families and girls,” Boy Scouts of America said in a statement.  The BSA said the expansion will help busy families consolidate programs for their children.  On Wednesday, the Girl Scouts responded to the this announcement without a direct reference to the Boy Scouts.  “The need for female leadership has never been clearer or more urgent than it is today — and only Girl Scouts has the expertise to give girls and young women the tools they need for success,” Girl Scouts USA said.

Boy Scouts to allow girls to join

Nate and I agree there is no need for this consolidation.  The Girls Scouts can gain recognition on their own merits without merging with an all boys club.  While I understand the points that have been made in various articles justifying this incorporation.


5141b1839f3c8484cf510750044366f7--boxing-gloves-tattoo-boxing-tattoos Round Three Mara Prose Dominates
Once we worked out the kinks and started to get into more of a rhythm of discussion, Nate was finally able to get to know the real Mara Prose and some of my stances on Feminism.  I do not believe that the feminist movement has caused backlash on the black male from the black female.  I believe the movement has been incorrectly utilized at times, even resulting in some regression (can we say Slut Walk) but for the most part it has been very necessary for women’s equality in a male dominated world.  While race plays a major factor in all topics across the board, my purpose was to relay the message and bring a voice to our plights that they should not be downplayed or belittled.  In my opinion, as a feminist it is my job to empower, encourage and educate other females to progress in a system that was not built for them.  It is a misconception in my opinion that feminists are out to bash men, we simply want our fair share of the pie.  I believe if we worked together as opposed to against one another, these type of movements could give way to even bigger issues facing our country.
Overall, I believe Nate and I agree, it is not about who wins or loses, it is about beginning the necessary conversations to heal and progress.  We both wanted to start a dialogue that we hope was received and its purpose understood.
I truly want to thank Nate Campbell for allowing me to be a part of his show that deals with the uncomfortable topics many shy away from and fail to address.  Will there be a rematch, you ask?  I am game if he is, lol!  You can check out the entire discussion here via http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/108915426.
Until next time,
Mara Prose


How do I believe in LOVE again?

As I was watching one of my favorite tv shows, (Sex and the City of course lol), I related to the Charlotte character lamenting about harboring animosity towards her ex-husband for destroying her faith in ever finding love again.  She was afraid to put herself out there, but desperately wanted to find a new love.

This made me think: how do we regain our faith in love after a tragic heartbreak?   How do we pick up the pieces and move on without carrying the baggage with us?  It’s funny how you think about the beginning at the end, but you never stop and think about the end at the beginning.  We all want to believe and enjoy an everlasting love but sadly, all things must come to an end one way or another.

The beginning of relationships contain so much hope, euphoria and optimism.  At the end of a relationship, no matter how amicable, we can fall into the trap of questioning, doubt and hopelessness.  Our truth becomes love does not actually conquer all, and the very emotion that was once our ally turns into our enemy.

First and foremost, to believe in love again, you must heal first.  Do not rebound by rushing into another relationship, you will only delay the healing process.  I know this is easier said than done but it is imperative for your overall mental and future relationship health.  You need to take time to process it all and work through your own internal demons.  I feel you should also accept responsiblity for your part in the demise of the relationship.  Too few of us actually accept partial blame, and instead wind up perpetual victims to the wrong relationships.  Honestly, I am not saying anything that hasn’t been said before, but it is always nice to have certain messages reiterated.

Secondly, I believe it is imperative to surround yourself with the right people – the encourager, those who embrace, the empathetic and all those who are determined to uplift you and see you through a heartbreak.  This is the time to release the clingers, the ME first people and all those draining individuals that do nothing but drag you down into the dumps with them.  Look, this will be the time you start to reconstruct the jigsaw pieces of your life’s puzzle.  It is perfectly acceptable to be selfish during this time and nurse your wounds.

Lastly and most importantly, do not give up on love if it is of utmost importance to you.  There should be nothing that should come between you and your ultimate goal if you focus and continually make wise decisions.  Just remember to proceed with caution, be selective and choose wisely.  And above all else, pray and allow God to guide your steps – meaning keep Him first and everything else will fall into place.

As I stated before, I am not saying anything that has not been said before.  Believe me, I know how hard it is to follow this guidance.  I am in the current stage of if it has a hint of commitment, I run for the hills.  Of course, part of it is commit-phobia but the other part is I am simply not ready to embrace another relationship.  The remnants of my marriage are too fresh and I do not feel I would do anyone any justice by attempting to date and chance someone catching too deep of feelings at this point and time in my life.  For now, I have all the love I need in my life and there is no room for anyone else.

So how do you believe in love again after heartbreak?  You heal, you grow, you learn and then you love again.

~ Author Mara Prose

Mara Prose Monday: Finding your inner strength in the midst of chaos…

First and foremost, let’s say a prayer in remembrance of 9/11, for Houston flood victims and for Miami.

Mara Prose Announcements:

Please be sure to tune into the Roku Channel: The Book Trailer Channel (Twitter @TBTC_TV ‏) to view my book trailer on your big screen!  See my first reaction to it below:

New Projects in Development:

  • Mara Prose App – the book will also be sold from here in addition to my website.  I am still deciding what else I want to do with the app, so stay tuned.
  • New Writing Projects – I will be ghostwriting a cookbook, a memoir and I also have a new memoir-ish book I am 9 chapters into while continuing to work on Book 2 of the The Davenports.
  • Mara Prose You Tube Channel youtube.com/c/AuthorMaraProse – is now LIVE with only videos of my book trailers at the moment but will soon include 5 – 15 minute segments of me discussing various topics.

Topic for Today: Finding your inner strength in the midst of chaos

Adversity builds strength and character.  Who you really are as a person will reveal itself in the midst of chaos, tragedy and loss.  The catastrophic hurricanes that have hit Houston and Miami have definitely tested the limits of everyone’s stress thresholds.  It was a blessing to see so many coming together to help each other through the storms.  It restored some of my faith in humanity.

So how do you find your inner strength in the midst of chaos?  First, you must identify your touchstone and it must be worth fighting for at all costs.  During the worst times of my life, it is my children who keep me fighting – in particular my son who never allows me to give up.  If I see worry on his face about me, it gives me the swift kick in the ass I need to get myself in gear and keep forging ahead.  Thank you Xavier Floyd for being your momma’s touchstone.
These storms are much like the storms we all go through in life.  It is up to you to persevere.

Until next time, stay safe, love thy neighbor and never lose your inner strength.

~ Author Mara Prose

Thursday Thoughts: Wobbegong (A Mara Prose Poem)

Picture courtesy of Tokyo Ghoul Wiki – Fandom

You are motionless in your emotions
You give no chase, you only entice
Your duality camouflages who you really are
You prey on the weak and diminish the strong
Your attack is not expected, your victim is left severely wounded
And although you are slow to pounce
You can devour a soul in a fraction of a second
Your third eye is not wisdom, it is deceit
You are a bottom dwelling succubus
Your bite is often unprovoked
Your ambush is renowned and your victims are many
You will suck your lover’s heart dry and go on to the next
The lover will be left exhausted, jaded and in extreme pain
Oh Wobbegong, why do you feed on the weak and strong alike?
Mend your heart, nourish your soul, find a true passion
You feel empty because you are empty
Your sole purpose is to consume but you are never fulfilled
Oh Wobbegong, sorry to say you will never rise to the top
Your place is designated to the bottom
You cannot ride the backs of others
So go back to your corner and hide
Because Wobbegong, you are nothing but a bottom
dwelling leech waiting for your next casualty

wobbegong shark

~ Author Mara Prose

Mara Prose Monday: The Davenports: A Battle of Wills Book Trailer I


I am so happy and excited to release the initial book trailer for my upcoming book! Anyone who knows me, knows I go BIG or I Go Home.  Therefore, this is just the first in a series of book trailers that are meant to capture the attention of all my Prosers and potential readers.  Each trailer will offer different teasers, but only enough to spark your curiosity.  Thank you in advance for following me on this journey.  ~ Author Mara Prose

Mara Prose Monday: Who is Mara Prose?


First, let’s start with some announcements for Mara Prose.

I have officially signed my first author who is a family member to Mara Prose Publishing.  We are in the development stage of her riveting story.  More details to come.

Mara Prose Monday will now be released at 7pm CST.  A lot of my followers have complained of missing my initial release of my blog posts because there is not a consistent schedule.  I humbly apologize to my Prosers and promise this schedule will be strictly adhered to from this day forward.

The Davenports trailer is coming next week!  We are hoping to have it ready for release for next week’s Mara Prose Monday.  Yay!

The Mara Prose Virtual Book Club on Facebook is currently reading The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter; it is not too late to join us.  We are accepting recommendations for romance novels to cast our votes for our next book selection in September (the romance genre).  We have reached a whopping 300 members and still have room for more.  Come join us, we would love to have you!

Who is Mara Prose?

I get this question a lot, so I felt it was time to really explain what Mara Prose stands for and how I wish for my brand to be represented.

This is one of the main reasons I started my blog.  I have always been the friend to come to if you just need someone to uplift you, empathize and inspire you to be a better person.  I decided I wanted to share this with more than my circle.  I decided I wanted to share this with the world.

Mara Prose was birthed through an awakening period where I discovered my calling was to write.  I had a voice and I wanted to share it with the masses.  Life can beat us all down at times and Lord knows I have been through my share of tribulations.  If I can share my lessons learned and prevent someone from experiencing hardship, then my brand has served its purpose.

This is new to my motto.  I decided I not only needed to inspire, I needed to empower my Prosers.  I need to start supplying the resources to help those who feel lost, alone and hopeless.  I have been there, done that and I want to empower my Prosers to pull through whatever life throws at them just the way I have.

I will soon start specifically addressing depression which is something very personal to me as I have battled it all my life.  Without the right knowledge and resources, this is a matter that can spiral out of control quickly.   I want my blog to not only be an inspiration but I want it to be a comfort to those who need just that extra bit of encouragement to forge ahead in life.

A Topic for All Occasions

This blog is designed to be a ‘Go To’ for whatever mood suits my readers.  If you need a laugh, read Dating Tales.  If you are mourning lost love, read some of my poems.  If you need some tough love, read Friday Frankness.  And of course, if you just need plain ole, simple inspiration – read Mara Prose Mondays!

The Davenports have been a part of my daily thoughts for the past 16 years and it is so very rewarding to finally have their story down on paper; ready to share with the masses.  Therefore, if you just want to read good fiction, I can happily supply that through not only my blog but my upcoming novels.  I am definitely a jack of all trades but mostly I want to not only write away my troubles and fears, I want you to escape your own demons through my work.

I sincerely thank you all for being such great fans of Mara Prose.  My record breaking views for my poem “Death to You and Me and All in Between” let’s me know that you are eager for more of my work.  I hope this little tidbit helped you understand who Mara Prose is and where she plans to go.

Until next time,

~Author Mara Prose

Death to you and me & all in between (A Mara Prose Poem)

This poem came about because of one person but it is directed at many.  Let’s never forget I am a perpetual evolution – don’t try to understand me, you will continually barely scratch the surface.  It’s all about empowerment now.  Love yourself first. Take no shit off of no one, no matter what.  Know your worth, demand respect FROM EVERYONE, always keep the highest value of yourself.  Never let them see you sweat, down, nor playing the victim.  Don’t let them break you and even if they do, get your ass right back up and into the game.  Your next move should be done in silence – always be an element of surprise.  Sit back and listen more because that will tell you who you are up against – people always tell on themselves.  Stay one step ahead of your enemy – always checkmating these fools.  Because at the end of the day, you are responsible for how the world perceives you, how they treat you and ultimately how well you maneuver in this game we call Life.” ~ Author Mara Prose

Death to you and me and all in between
Death to the civility
Death to respectability
Death to equitability
Go ahead and curve me, I won’t miss your presence
My vision no longer includes your essence
You are dead to me in all ways
Now I just say “oh yeah, he’s from back in the day”

You are a toxic, treacherous snake
Who only brings heartache
Hell, you better hope your heart is still up to the take
Why did it take me so long to catch you on the make?
Why was I so blind to the man that is not a keepsake?

Don’t look this way anymore
We have definitely settled the score
Our tab is paid in full
So stop with all the bull

Because see it is death to you and me and all in between
Don’t bring yourself to my door
Or you will prolong this war
Don’t speak to me ever again, don’t even mention my name
You are not my friend; just a pathetic man without peace within

I prayed for God to change my mind
I prayed for God to make me blind – to you and those like you
Not blind so I can’t see through you, blind to keep me from you
I didn’t know what He had planned would solve things by twos
God had his hand on our last night and I thank Him for giving me the strength to

It is simply death to you and me and all in between
I’ve cut off friends and family members for a lot less
I’d stop this mess if I were you, you have no idea
who you are really up against
This is a game of chess you don’t want to stress

You are a destructor of the worst kind because
you hit all your victims on their blindside
Then you want to play possum and celebrate
like we really lost something in a mate

The only thing I lost was an albatross
It’s a shame you still have so many fooled
It’s a shame you can’t stop playing the fool
Feels good to roll my eyes at your shenanigans
Feels good to stop panicking
But my only true regret is you have our offspring
in your tangled net but it won’t last
My blood flows through their veins too
My spirit has molded who they are too, boo

You used your last trump card that night
Now all you can do is act contrite
But no one wants to hear your side
So just suck up your pride and stop all the lies

You don’t really want her back do you?
That woman that you once knew
The woman without caution who squared up on you?

Too late
Just remember you created this monster
I would advise you to go far over yonder
Keep your distance, maintain your silence
Because you are now an aberration

Because it is death to you and me and all in between

~ Author Mara Prose


Forcing your own agenda…


Author Mara Prose


Photo courtesy of http://www.someecards.com

I am very concerned with the overwhelming need for a lot of individuals to force their own agenda. By this I mean, it is very aggravating in meetings, social gatherings and everyday life for people to feel like they have to dominate a conversation. Whatever happened to manners and allowing people to finish their thoughts? I often wonder why people with this tendency feel like their point of view, is the only point of view.

Let’s take meetings for example. I sit in multiple meetings constantly throughout the day. I find most of them unproductive and pointless because the same set of people try to shout over each other for the right to speak. I refuse to raise my voice in a professional setting just to get my point across. I am not a loud speaker and I abhor people that are (sorry, frankly it gives…

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Mara Prose Monday: Let’s talk about the victim mentality

Of course, everyone is well aware that I am a huge Game of Thrones fan.  I am so die hard, I believe I am a member of almost every Game of Thrones fan group on Facebook.

In one of my groups, a complaint was made that it is very apparent that George R.R. Martin is not a part of the writing process for the remaining seasons.  The complainer offered proof for his case by stating that if he was, the characters would die due to mistakes they made and not just meet their demise to speed along the story.  He/she felt the earlier seasons made the characters pay direly for their mistakes due to poor decision making.

This made me think, does life happen to us or because of the decisions we make?  Are we destined or do we have free will to change our fates?

I am not embarrassed to say I grew up pretty sheltered and spoiled rotten.  This continued into my marriage, where I always had someone to fall back on who would clean up the consequences for the mistake I would make; thus I never learned the repercussions of my actions.

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned about being on my own is there is no reward in playing the victim.  We are all accustomed to saying ‘life is a bitch’.  If you really think about it, it’s really not.  Every action has a reaction; the wrong action has a consequence.  Free will allows us to make our own life choices.  if we choose wrong, if we are not living on the up and up, and if we are trying to cheat the system – life will be a bitch.

I do believe in destiny.  I wholly believe that we are destined for great things in our life.  However, it is all about how we plan to reach that destiny – we can take the easy way or the hard way.  If you choose to ignore the signs that encourage you to reach your destiny, it will still remain there – you just will never reach it.

Today I encourage you to take a good hard look at your life.  If you feel the world is against you, like you just cannot get ahead in life – you need to look within.  If you are stuck in a vicious cycle of nothing but problem, after problem, after problem – you need re-calibrate and start making better decisions in life.

I will be honest, I had to learn the hard way most of my life.  I was a know-it-all, extremely stubborn and determined to forge my own path.  It still has resulted in me remaining on my path to my destiny but it has been a difficult journey when it could have been so much easier.  These days, I’d much rather follow the voices of wisdom I have in my life rather than repeat the same mistakes.

So I leave my Prosers with this message: leave the victim mentality behind and start taking responsibility for your actions.  Man up and get yourself together!

Until next time,

Author Mara Prose

Dating Tales Wednesday: How to Get a GREAT Guy in 3 easy steps! by Andre Blaylock


If you try to change anything in your life without first changing your thought process surrounding it, your brain will access the information it has previously accumulated, which is your past and current thought forms and experiences, and like a computer, it will send an error message to your mind saying; “I have no past reference for this. You have never done this before so you cannot do it.” These are called presuppositions. Our brain will do everything to support a presupposed truth. Presuppositions are hidden commands that the brain will obey at all cost and they are the major reason why change is so difficult. Because when we want something different, but do not think and act differently, it’s not going to make a difference!



That being said…Let’s go!


Step one: Have a life.

If you don’t have one, get one! You have to be ABOUT something! It’s amazing how little you care about what a guy thinks about you or how much he likes you UNTIL you start liking him back! It’s after this switch is flipped that you become another person. Men are interested in high value women who give him what he earns as opposed to someone who says, “I like you. You’re interesting, let’s see where this goes.” That is a turnoff! Why?

Because a man sees a woman who is willing to invest so much so soon as not having good discernment. When a guy feels as though he is earning your level of investment, he feels rewarded. A all access pass into your life too quickly makes you ordinary and who wants that?

Step two: Make the first move.

Two things come to those who wait on love. The wrong thing or nothing. You have got to get better at approaching men because, believe me, they are just as afraid, if not more, of approaching you!That may fly against everything you currently believe, (see intro), but how can you hope to get a great guy by sitting around like a flower and waiting for him to buzz around and find you? There are just too many beautiful flowers in the garden. Help cupid out!! The fear of rejection is real but the more new men you meet, the better your selection!

Step three: Don’t stop being a girl.

If we were inside a ring, I might have to put some of you in a headlock, but I’m ready! It needed to be said. Many of today’s women display a masculine femininity that confuses the hell out of guys! Activate your femininity! No matter how far society pushes the social equality envelope, there is always going to be one thing that is fundamentally attractive and sexy to most men and that is a woman’s femininity. Being strong doesn’t have to look like you could spar a few rounds with Mike Tyson and being independent does not intimidate most men. We actually like those traits. It’s when you get angry and become disrespectful, loud, belligerent, and confrontational that we have a problem with. Regardless of who washes the dishes and cleans the house or brings home the larger paycheck, the truth of the matter is that men are hardwired to respond to feminine energy and we NEED women who act like women to help us feel more masculine.

Yin and Yang.

Is this an exhaustive list? No. I could have written much more but you have to start somewhere! I feel certain that if you start implementing these suggestions into your daily routine you will achieve better results! The sooner you begin the faster you will experience change. Unless, of course, you’re the type of girl who enjoys kissing frogs!



getblaylocked.com   www.andreblaylock.com


I used to say to myself that regrets are just a part of life and there is not much you can do about them.  I believed that everything I ever did in my life was exactly what I wanted to do and was supposed to do, but boy did I rack up regrets with this mindset.  Feelings always guided my actions, and I now realize that was wrong.  Feelings are fickle and unreliable. 

Judah Smith – Don’t Follow Your Feelings

With age and wisdom, I have learned to embrace my regrets. I actually have no regrets now and believe it is pointless to regret anything. Everything we do is a lesson and divinely designed to push us more towards our purpose. I used to spend a lot of time looking back, analyzing and trying to figure out what went wrong. Now, I do look back, but only to ascertain the lesson that I was supposed to learn and then I move on. Because there is so much life to live, and I don’t want to miss a thing. If I continue to look back, I miss what is in front of me. As Joyce Meyers often says, you have to enjoy everyday life and that is exactly what I am doing.

 Life has a funny way of showing you just how foolish you are at the strangest times (believe me, the lessons learned rarely occur at a convenient time).  I certainly cannot go back and correct all my wrongs, but I can definitely ensure that I do not repeat the same mistakes of the past. If you get stuck blaming yourself and regretting past actions, this could turn into depression and damage your self-esteem. Find a way to forgive yourself and let it go. (Psychology Today)

The act of impulse often misguides us and fosters regrets. It serves no one but the thoughtless and prideful to foolishly rush into situations without thought and meditation with God. Life is proving to be so much simpler by carefully considering the next steps I take in my journey.  I block out all the distractions of the world – social media, family, friends and peers – and I pray and wait for God to guide my next steps. My intuition is a powerful tool and has yet to fail me. I follow that intuition and gut feeling, and my discipline and obedience keep me focused and on the right path. With this mindset, I am able to live regret free.

So today’s inspiration is for all my Prosers to embrace their regrets, learn from them and make sincere efforts not to repeat past mistakes.  You cannot escape regrets, you can only learn from them.

~ Author Mara Prose

Momma, I apologize…(A Mara Prose Poem)

Momma, I apologize for all the tears I made you cry
I regret all the unnecessary good-byes
And for all the times I told you lies

It’s taken me too long to appreciate your wisdom
It’s been too long of me playing the victim
For many years, there has been a void in my soul
I did not know it simply took you to make me whole

It took a travesty to bring me to my senses
It took humility to realize only you could mend me
It’s so nice to cherish you at last
It’s wonderful rebuilding our bond, I am having a blast

I thought I could make it in this life without you
I finally learned that is so untrue
Momma, you are my inspiration
I realize now I am your creation

I’ve patterned my life after yours
I’ve kept you with me even in the downpours
I want our reconciliation to last forever
It is because it is you I truly treasure

So now, I thank you
Thank you for being my hero
Thank you for being my light
Thank you for forgiving my spite
Thank you for helping me heal
It’s been hard, but you have made my life ideal

I love you Momma, I hope you see
That I’ve changed for the better and I am loving this ‘ME’
I am becoming the woman you always wanted me to be
Thank you, Momma, I am truly grateful for thee

~ Author Mara Prose

Mara Prose Monday: Timeshare Man – Part II by Andre Blaylock

Contrary to popular belief, life is not lonely at the top.

For certain men…

Tall, handsome, successful men have no shortage of women to choose from. Many men assume that women are not into sex as much as they are.

That’s FALSE!

The TRUTH is that most women are simply not attracted to MOST men. They’re attracted to timeshare men.

This isn’t exactly great news for women in general because it means that most other women are attracted to timeshare men, as well.

Even gorgeous women with no shortage of male adoration want to know how to attract this particular male specimen. Yes, gorgeous women have plenty of unattractive men to choose from, but these unattractive men inspire so little desire that she chooses to be completely alone. The truth is, there’s a lot more competition at the top than most average men would care to know.

Here are a few suggestion that will help you  attract this highly coveted male commodity…

Become a Hottie

By far, the most important thing you can do to attract high caliber men is to make yourself as physically attractive as possible.

Here are the top four elements to being hot:

Body: Scientific research suggests that women with large breasts, a shapely derriere, and a low waist-to-hip ratio are judged as highly attractive, feminine looking, and are preferred more for short and long-term relationships, (providing that such women are slender). If you’re fat, you need to lose weight. If you’re slender without any curves, you should learn how to lift weights.

Face: I recommend being brutally honest with yourself. Makeup can smooth your flaws and enhance your strengths. Good makeup does not mean heavy makeup. Don’t let your preconceived notions about “women who wear a lot of makeup” fool you into not putting your best foot forward. You can find a routine that’s low-maintenance and effective. And you should.

Hair: Hot women look great with short hair all the time. But it’s not because of their short hair; it’s because they already have everything else in place. Men overwhelmingly prefer long, thick, lustrous hair.

Get glorious hair. Find a high quality salon that understands what “glorious” hair means, and abandon the “pixie” look until you’re married. I know it’s way more comfortable and convenient, but save it for later.

Breasts: Cosmetic surgery is popular because large, full breasts are popular. I’m not recommending that you get cosmetic surgery, but you can certainly afford to flatter yourself in this department. The Wonder Bra is a readily available, non-surgical solution that will assist you in your gravity defying quest.

Now you may be thinking,”I can be hot when I want to. I just don’t want to. The hotter I am the more unwanted attention I get from perverts.”

True, but it’s also important to remember that most red-blooded, heterosexual men, high caliber or pervert, are attracted to these things. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson likes those things just as much as Oscar “I live in a trash can” does.

To make this all work, you have to start hanging out with more Dwaynes’ and fewer Oscars.

Go Where the Timeshare Men Are

For the vast majority of women, you’ll meet men through your social circle. That’s fine, but it does narrow your options. Quick question: How long have you known your current group of friends? Did you grow up with them? Were they your high school or college classmates?  Coworkers? I’m sure they’re great people, but if you want to attract a higher level guy, you’re going to have to expand your social circle so that you encounter high-value men.

 Here’s how to do it.

  • Write down where you met your previous boyfriends. For most women, this will be through your immediate social circle, or online. Be honest about this. Was he a friend of a friend? Did you meet him in a class? Did you meet him by default because you never really ventured too far outside your comfort zone? Look for the patterns.

  • Jot down a list of where high-value men tend to hang out. The interesting men are not in a bar at 11 p.m. on Tuesday. They’re the ones attending business conferences and working the room at charity events. They’re taking cooking and dancing classes. Think about your ideal man, and then ask yourself where can he be found.

  • Make a goal of attending one event outside your comfort zone per week. Use sites like Meetup.com to find local events. You may not find the highest value men at every event you attend, but your efforts will be worth it when you expand your social circle.

Here are a few suggestions for getting started.

  • Professional networking events and conferences

  • Any charity event.

  • Wine tastings.

  • Dance and cooking classes.

  • Upscale hotel bars.

  • Car shows.

  • Whole Foods and higher-end grocery stores.

  • Concerts

  • Higher-end gyms.

Play Verbal Tennis

I used to be perplexed by the idea that beautiful, exceptional women would say that they were “finally worn down” by persistent men. I don’t prefer to chase women, so the idea seemed counter-intuitive. I wondered how all of these beta-male, thirsty guys landed exceptional women by being “bug-a-boo?

It’s a complicated answer, but simply put:

Women are not very proactive when it comes to dating. When it comes to long-term relationships, they let the men come to them and then choose the best option. The most persistent guy usually wins.

This strategy works because there are a lot of men out there desperate enough to be persistent and put in lots of upfront work hoping for a long-term reward; your companionship.

But if you want to land the timeshare guy, you’re going to have to retool your interaction with men.

To keep the interest of a man who’s not so eager to chase you down, play a little “verbal tennis”.

When a guy asks you a question, ask him the same question in return.

He served a tennis ball, you hit it back.

Instead of answering with a basic “yes” or “no”, elaborate, thereby introducing a new conversational thread. You don’t always have to keep asking the man questions; sometimes, you just have to hit his tennis ball in another direction.

The result will not only be more interesting conversations, but you’ll maintain the interest of the guys who don’t feel like chasing you so hard – and those guys are the catches.

Learn How to Reject Men Quickly

“But Andre, I do play verbal tennis with the guys I like! I only give one-word answers when I’m not interested in the guy.”

That’s a bad idea. Why?

Because you’re giving out false hope. Guys are not great at taking hints. and most women aren’t upfront. They will breadcrumb a guy. After all, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup in case you can’t win the guy you really want, right?

Wrong. Not only does this strategy hurt you, it hurts the guy you’re stringing along.

First, you’re not doing yourself any favors by flirting with unexceptional men. He may be nice, but if the context is strictly dating then you need to be upfront. Plain and simple. Give yourself more time to focus on becoming an attractive woman who’s worthy of more exceptional men.

Second, it’s a favor to him. Men have to be told point-blank that you’re not interested…and even so, many men won’t get it. But once you’ve been upfront, you can ignore him, conscience clear.

I recommend rehearsing a”rejection” line. Something like:

“Listen, I have to say no. You seem like a good person, but I’m really looking for something else.” Then run for the hills!

Don’t be too nice. Tactfully dash their hopes, and keep it moving.

Become Interesting

Don’t fake interest in things you don’t like just to keep his attention. Personally, that’s a turnoff. I want to have some areas where your interests and mine don’t overlap.

Here are some of the more interesting things I’ve talked about to women that made me want to know more about them, and made me feel much more comfortable about the prospect of a relationship:

  • Charity projects. Women who are highly involved in charitable projects tend to meet more high-value men while simultaneously showcasing a passion for the world that’s far greater than what many men are used to seeing from average women.

  • Self-improvement. Whenever I go to a self-help conference, it feels like it’s about 70-30 in favor of men. Why shouldn’t women want to find ways to improve themselves, too? The women I meet at these conferences tend to be well-spoken, intelligent, and poised – and those are three very attractive qualities.

Get Proactive

Timeshare men tend to be more used to proactive women. It’s basically an evolutionary fact that higher-value men attract far more women than average men. The reason women can’t approach most men and seduce him on the spot is that average men aren’t used to being approached and will suspect something’s up.

On the other hand, as high-value men, we have women approaching us on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes, women will be very forthcoming about their attraction and will express the desire to have sex very quickly, and I can tell you from experience that the more you encounter this, the more accustomed you become. For timeshare men, women being proactive is the norm.

Women know that they’re competing for timeshare men because their attraction for “average guys” fade far faster than a guy’s attraction for an”average girl”. It’s a jungle out there, so you’re going to have to get a little proactive.

Here’s how.

  • Approach men. There are no promises that you’re going to have great response,though. Men are so conditioned to not being approached by women that when a beautiful woman does approach, they assume these women are prostitutes, or running some kind of scam. Higher-value men will be used to it, but your mileage will vary among them.

  • Learn a “one-liner”. Something simple like: “Hi, I really thought you looked interesting and wanted to introduce myself. I’m _____.” Usually that’s enough to express your interest.

  • Discover a new hobby that will naturally land you around higher-value men. Are you going to attend one of the previously recommended events and discover a new hobby, or are you content to let the same old, same old continue happening to you?

Raise Your Value-Meter

Your internal “value-meter” will determine a whole host of things, from the actions you take to improve yourself to the decisions you make regarding men.

Your inner thoughts will change your destiny. Not only do you have to upgrade your habits and appearance, you have to change your inner identity.

Timeshare guys don’t judge you solely on your looks. What else do you bring to the table? Is there a sense about you that piques his natural curiosity? That special spark is going to be what differentiates you from all the other women competing for his attention.


  • Stop living life in “default.” You wait for men within your social circle to ask you out. You eventually date only the most persistent men. You don’t take up activities aimed at expanding your horizons, and it shows in your relationships. Being attractive is usually enough…unless you want to really have an exceptional relationship.

  • Physical beauty is important. Don’t do it for the pervs – do it because it gets the interest of the attractive men you’re trying to win over. If you’re looking for a high-value guy, you’re going to have to compete with other high-value women. Put your best food forward.

  • Go where the value is. A lot of women – just like a lot of men – live on autopilot. Commit to taking on one more activity per week that will get you out of your comfort zone and align you with a lot of high-value men.

  • Be proactive. When you’re attracting high-value men, you’re competing against more women than you realize. Female-to-male attraction is highly polarized, which means that there’s a lot more competition at the top. It’s okay to be a little more proactive about meeting men, and throw out the traditional “rulebook.

About Andre Blaylock
Andre Blaylock  has been a dating coach for almost a decade, making him a pioneer of the field.   He is not only a widely acclaimed and sought-after motivational speaker,  he is also a published author offering valuable information and life lessons via the art of STORYTELLING. Check out his show, The Hott Seat.

Mara Prose 5 Weeks of Reflections

Reblogging as my Tuesday Thoughts!!

Author Mara Prose


Facing the Uniqueness of Me

There came a point in January where a light bulb went off inside my head and I suddenly began to see myself for who I truly am and not who I have pretended to be.  No one really wants to admit to themselves that they haven’t always been the most likeable person, least of all a person like me who is very set in her ways.  Yet, it was time for me to grow; I mean really grow and evolve so much more than I ever have in the past.

I really like this Mara that everyone is witnessing these days.  I fall in love with her more and more everyday.  I am so protective of this version of myself , that any type of compromise is viewed as a detriment and threat.

Why do I like her so much?  Because she is calmer, more secure…

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Mara Prose Monday: The Timeshare Man by Andre Blaylock

Often times a highly-coveted piece of property is too expensive for the average single individual to acquire on their own. In many cases these properties are offered on timeshare. A timeshare is a ownership model where several people collectively own usage in the same property. Although most timeshare plans apply to real estate let’s, for illustration purposes, apply this principle to a human being. Does the man you desire have to be a certain height, weight and build ? Does he have to work in a particular profession and earn a specific amount of money? How important are his looks, vocabulary, sense of style, and level of ambition? Are all these features a far measure above the average man that you would typically encounter in the dating marketplace? If you are anything like most of the women I work with, the answer is a resounding, “Hell, yeah!” Then you, my dear, are either in search or in possession of a “Timeshare Man”. Timeshare men do not play by the same rules as men of lower status. The “Timeshare Man” knows that he is in demand, therefore he is extremely punctilious. Whereas you could probably hold an average fellow to a certain protocol, these rules of engagement will not apply to the timeshare man because he is accustomed to various options and he knows his value. Whenever you look to upgrade anything, its important to understand the higher cost of ownership. Owning a premium gasoline vehicle on a regular gasoline budget is a problem. The vehicle will still drive, but when it starts to lose its performance you can’t blame the manufacturer. The blame is yours because you picked a vehicle that was exceptionally nice on the outside but was clearly out of your league. When going after a “Timeshare Man” know that there are many who will appreciate his artistic lines and commanding curb appeal. Realize that there are many who desire a test drive. If not for keeps, then at least for the experience.


Why Can’t I…(A Mara Prose Poem)

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Happy Mara Prose Monday!  It has been a minute since I last posted.  This poem came to mind from a conversation I had with a very close friend who is having trouble in the dating world.  The verbiage “How many frogs do I have to kiss?” is uniquely hers and I just had to include it.  Of course, I have added my own flare to the poem, so I hope all my Prosers will enjoy it as much as they enjoy my other poems.

Why can’t I want the man that wants me
Why can’t I see in me what they see
Why do I gravitate towards the same type of men
The ones that are no good for me and make
all these demands

How many frogs do I have to kiss, before I find
my one true prince
Tired of all the disappointments
Tired of never knowing
Is it real, is it fake
It’s just too much to take

I’m attracted to the Mr. Big’s in life
The ones that bring so much strife
Hot one minute and cold the next
Can someone please explain this context?

My friends tell me it is the challenge that I love
They claim I love the thrill of the chase
But if that is the case, I am sick of falling
flat on my face

Why can’t I want the men that fall to their knees?
The ones that say baby be mine please?
The ones that have proven their loyalty for years
The ones that wipe away my tears when the Mr. Bigs
leave me with fears

Fears that all love is lost
Fears that I’m paying  a big cost
Fears that no one will ever get me
Fears that companionship is a faint memory

I told my girls it’s s the solo life for me
There are just too many places that I have to be
It would be too hard for any man to follow
I would simply leave him feeling hollow

So why can’t I want the men that want me?
It’s simple, it is because I have standards and I’m just meant to be free.

~ Mara Prose


You Can’t Tame Me (A Mara Prose Poem)

There one day and gone the next
Nothing but a beautiful memory was left
I read the texts but now they make no sense,
so I’ve slowly done away with them

Was it a lesson learned? Maybe  Should I feel burned? Nah baby
Or should I just accept it?
The problem is, you can’t tie me down
I won’t allow you to make me frown
It simply wasn’t long enough to affect me

See, I took a chance on a romance and let you sell your fantasy
But your face quickly fell, and you reneged on the sell and we began to see the real deal
And then I woke up, realized my wings were stuck and that I needed to fly away

So we clashed and I tried to mend the gashes in the relationship we were trying to form.  But then I realized I don’t have any ties and it wasn’t worth the agonize.

You wanted to hide my light that is shining so bright because you couldn’t handle the glow.  But didn’t you know, didn’t I tell you so, I was never meant to be tamed.

You can’t tame me.  I am not meant to be caged.  You can’t tame me.
I won’t bend to your rage.  There is no meekness within me
and you misunderstood clearly and I am sorry you had to go.

I’m an eagle soaring here, there and everywhere.  Too bad you are no longer a care.  It is nice to be free, it is nice that I can flee, whenever the mood suits me.

Because I am looking for that someone that can match my blaze, where we will fall into a blissful haze, for days and days; who will never go away.  There will be no need to tame me because he will be the same as me.  That man will be my destiny.

~ Mara Prose

You said forever…(A Mara Prose Poem)

You said forever

You said we’d never be apart

But when the tide started flooding

You quickly made your depart

You said for better or worse

You said it’s us against the world

But when I needed you the most

You suddenly went ghost

You said forever, we’d always be one

You said I got your back but

I guess I never really knew jack

Because where were you when I fell flat?

What kind of love makes you turn your back so coldly?

Especially after promising that I’d be your only

It’s hard to fathom that we are no more

All because you had to settle a score

Til death do us part huh

What a mockery you made of that

But you said forever

Everyone says ‘say it ain’t so’

But you went somewhere I just could not go

What happened to the man who cherished me so

What happened to the man who I could easily follow

What happened to the man that I pledged my love to

Oh where, oh where did he go?

But you said forever, you let me go without a second glance

And now there’s no second chance

Because I’m a different woman and you’re a different man and this just wasn’t the plan

I’m on to new beginnings, where I thought you’d be too

I’m on a different path, one where I’m broken but renewed

It feels so unreal that I just had to flee

Can’t believe that we just can’t be

We were supposed to last

We were supposed to amass

We were supposed to surpass

But you let me down

Now we don’t even come around

It’s tragic really, two soul mates lost from each other

But I’m positive God will bring me another

So I close this chapter with a tear in my eye as I begrudgingly say goodbye

I’ll always cherish the memories

I’ll always celebrate our history

The years we made it were no small feat

It’s too bad we ended in defeat

But I love you truly and I always will

It’s just that love is not strong enough since it all went downhill

I wish you the best my love, I sincerely do

To the love of my life, I make the sacrifice so you can find what you need;

so you can finally succeed

I am soaring without you and it is so bittersweet

I wish you could get to know the woman who has landed on her feet

You are missing out on the best version of me, I’m making new strides that you will never

really see

It’s odd you couldn’t adapt to this me, she’s so much better than what you used to see

I never thought we’d outgrow each other, it’s too bad we are both headed to another

But I accept it, and I don’t contest it, there’s nothing left to mention

But you said forever…

Mara Prose 5 Weeks of Reflections

Healing – Letting Go

At 40, I find myself finally healing from all hurts from the past.  I am letting go of my baggage and starting a new life.  I am finally facing all that has ever hurt or caused me anguish.  There were certain areas where I was deluding myself and clinging to a hope of restoration that is simply never meant to be.  I have allowed my friends to support me through these hurts, whereas in the past, I would simply repress it.

I’ve simply learned the art of letting go.  It is not an easy task to simply let be what will be.  However, it is freeing.  It was beyond painful finally facing so many situations that I had chose not to face over the years.  There were relationships that needed to be mended and certain individuals where I needed to initiate closure.  There were certain truths about myself that I needed to own up to and I am proud of that accomplishment.  I have done it all and I am wiser, more grounded and happier for it.

I encourage my Prosers to face your fears; to face all that holds you back and keeps you from becoming the best version of yourself.  Identify those individuals who prey on you and purposely want you to fail and let them go.  Don’t be afraid that you will be alone because God will replace them with the right people who need to be in your life.  Have courage, hold on, you can get through any difficulty that comes your way.  Just never give up and keep marching ahead despite the setbacks that are inevitable and the tough decisions that will come your way.  Remember, we all can do anything we put our mind to; we were born to succeed in our purpose.

I hope you have enjoyed my reflections and they have helped you in some form or fashion.

Until next time,

Mara Prose


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