Coming soon! The Davenports!


Legacies are made to be broken…

Come take an epic ride through the vast world of the Davenports.

With the need to emerge from her father’s long shadow, Alessandra Davenport sets out to prove that she is the worthy successor of her father’s conglomerate, Davenport Industries.  In the first book of the Davenport trilogy, A Battle of Wills, we follow Alessandra on her journey to win over her father at all costs.  Her ruthless nature, combined with her keen business sense makes her a formidable adversary to her father, Makail Davenport.  

The Davenport legacy has been solidified with male successors over several generations but when an unfortunate tragedy rips away the wife and only son of Makail, he shocks everyone by secluding himself away from society and avoiding romantic attachments.  This act generates hopes for Alessandra that she will finally gain her father’s trust, respect and maybe even love.  Alessandra soon finds herself in a war with her father for succession.  The many plot twists and cliffhangers will leave the reader breathless with anticipation and anxiously awaiting the outcome of this grand tale of corruption, betrayal and greed.

Newcomer Author Mara Prose takes her readers on a fantastic excursion through the nuances of big business, family legacy and corporate excess.  It is a promising family saga of epic proportions that is guaranteed to leave readers ravenous for more of the Davenports.

As of September 8th, 2017, The Davenports: A Battle of Wills Book Trailer is now LIVE on Roku TV Book Channel!